6 Easy Secrets to Dating Thai Girls

Dating Thai Girls

What Is The Secret To Dating Thai Girls?

I Will Tell You How Be Successful In Dating Thai Girls

Hi, my name is Nathamon Madison and I am the CEO and Owner of Meet Me Now Bangkok dating agency!

Today I want to discuss how to go about dating Thai girls. Firstly the average Thai woman is feminine and traditional. They are looking for a man who will treat them like a lady and really make them feel special, like my husband did on our first date. If you are genuinely looking for a real, sincere relationship, then forget the sexualized image that the world portrays of Thai women, as the average lady could not be further from a sex worker. She has respect for herself, is discreet and conservative, and hopes for a man who will treat her with care and tenderness.

Dating Thai Girls Can Be Easier Than You Think!

I spoke to our in house dating specialist, ‘Doctor Love’ and she revealed her top secrets on dating Thai girls, and how to really sweep a lady off her feet.

Rule#1 When Dating Thai Girls – Make her feel at ease:

You will both be nervous before your first date, so expect your date to be shy and reserved at first. It is most likely that she will have told all of her family and friends about your meeting, so she will be feeling a lot of excitement and apprehension. She will be aware that this date could be a part of something life changing for her, and she will be very aware of her morals and that people will be judging her. She will need assurance that your intentions are pure and sincere and that you are serious about her. Be gentle and keep smiling to make the situation relaxed.

Rule#2 When Dating Thai Girls – Show respect for her country:

We Thais are very patriotic and show immense solidarity and devotion to our country. Make sure to show your date how much you like Thailand, and that you respect the culture, language and customs. Learning some facts about the Buddhist religion, common Thai dishes or traditions would really show that you have made an effort to connect with her. Avoid topics that may accidentally cause insult such as politics or the monarchy. Although her personal opinions may be different, talking negatively about the king is a criminal offense, and you being carted off in the back of a police truck may not leave the best impression.

Rule#3 When Dating Thai Girls – Try not to get frustrated with the language barrier:

I know that this is hard for many of my clients, as they find it terribly exasperating to try and express their emotions and even tell jokes without the other understanding. Well firstly, if meeting through a reputable dating site such as thailadydatefinder.com, excellent translators are provided, so that you cannot lose any parts of the date to confusion. You must also be aware that you are in her country, and that it is you that does not speak Thai not her that does not speak English. Learning some basics before you fly over there would really put you in her good books!

Rule#4 When Dating Thai Girls – Take her somewhere nice:

She will be aware of the bad stereotypes that the West has of Thai women, as bar girls and prostitutes, so taking her to a bar or club will only insult her and make her think that you are only looking for sex. A quiet and intimate restaurant would be the perfect setting to get to know each other properly whilst making her feel really special. But which restaurant? If you a new in Thailand you will not know the best places to truly wine and dine her, so why not let the Thai Lady Dating Events service from thailadydatefinder.com help you out. They can arrange everything for you, from the luxurious transportation to and from the date, to a choice of the best restaurants and activities to make for a truly special experience.

Rule#5 When Dating Thai Girls – Buy her a small gift:

Bringing a present shows that you are thoughtful and are really trying to make her feel special. Do not overload her with expensive gifts at first, as a small token such as flowers or chocolates is much more subtle. Thai women hate boasters and modesty is a very important quality to them.

Rule#6 When Dating Thai Girls – Don’t be too intense:

After speaking online for a while and envisioning the day when you would finally meet, it may seem hard to remain calm and composed. Adrenaline will be pumping for you both as the suspense finally culminates in your first date. If you have met on a site that does background checks and personal interviews like thailadydatefinder.com, then she is sure to be as beautiful as her photographs online which can be quite overwhelming. Thais are very discreet and subtle people so make sure not to get too serious straight away, as you do not want her to be scared off.

These are some basic rules to follow when you’re dating Thai girls.