A Thai Woman, A Child…And You?

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What Could Be More Beautiful Than To Have A Child With Your Thai Woman?

If you don’t mind a beautiful Thai woman with a young son or daughter Thailand is the dream location for you.

Do you love kids? Do you still have a lot of love to give? There’s no-where else in the world where you can find more absolutely gorgeous single mothers than in Thailand.

Why are there so many beautiful single Thai women with young children? The answer to that requires an understanding of Thai men.

Why Would A Sensational Thai Woman Be Single?

Many Thai men think it is prestigious to have a “second wife” or a mistress. You can imagine how heart-breaking that is on his real wife. In some cases she will leave with the children rather than be subjected to such disgrace. In other cases he leaves her to live with his mistress.

There’s another two-fold reason why these women end up single with children. On one side, some Thai men think when their wives reach their thirties, with children, they aren’t as attractive any more. These men will leave to find a younger Thai woman. Sadly, the other side of the coin is once a woman has been married and had children eligible Thai men ignore her. Thai men think they lose status if they marry a divorced Thai woman or a single mom.

Why Should You Consider Marrying A Single Thai Woman?

The first reason is you’re not Thai. As a Western man you have a different viewpoint than Thai men. You’re much more likely to choose a woman based on compatibility, love, and attraction. Westerners tend to view serious relationships as long-term commitments. A young single Thai woman with a child would find you a very attractive prospect because of your Western attitude.

The second reason you should consider a single mom from Thailand is because they are stunningly beautiful. Many of them are still in their twenties or thirties and still look gorgeous and slim. A lot of Thai/Thai marriages fail early and after children. Yet these Thai ladies with young children have still retained a great slim figure and attractive looks.

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Your Thai Lady Is Waiting For You. What Are You Waiting For?

How Do Thai Women Stay So Beautiful?

Why? Well firstly they are consuming a Thai diet high in vegetables and secondly they keep busy taking care of their children and working at the same time. These ladies still have a lot of love to give and they are looking for sincere and honest men the second time around.

It’s Rewarding To Be A Father

The third reason to consider a single mother from Thailand is the children. If you enjoy family you’ll walk into a great situation where a mom and her child are ready to welcome you as the man of the family. You’re relationship with your Thai wife will be deeper because you’ll share the bond of parenthood. The children will adore you as their father, and respect you in the way Thai children are taught to do. But more than that, you get be to be the great father you are and that comes with many many rewards.

Will You Be Accepted By Her Family?

The final reason to marry a single mom from Thailand is you will be cherished. Thai ladies are known for their ability to take care of their man. A single Thai woman and her child will be honor you like you never thought possible. So will her her extended family.

Why? You’ve restored honor to their family. Her single mom status may not have been her fault she is still single with a child and a bit of an outcast in Thai society. But then you’ve come along and made things right. By marrying her you will have gained a wonderful woman and a new family. Her parents, her siblings, her aunts and uncles and the extended family will all welcome you graciously to the fold.