How to Date a Beautiful Thai Girl

Date thai girl

Do You Want To Go A Date With A Beautiful Thai Girl?

Once You Have Planned To Go To Meet A Thai Girl, Where To Go To Impress Her Will Be Your Primary Thought.

It is unquestionable that Thai women are some of the most beautiful in the world, and as much as decent men who look towards Thailand to meet a wife deny that that is their main reason, it is definitely a factor. With honey complexions, silky, dark hair and petite frames they are the epitome of femininity and have a real exotic allure. The good and maybe confusing thing for you, is that a Thai girl in fact sees Western men as exotic and masculine, but to attract and keep an honest, beautiful Thai girl, you will have to do more than just flutter those blond eyelashes. With the huge differences in culture and environment, you have to learn how to win the hearts of the women in Thailand.

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If you haven’t already met me, I am Nathamon, the owner of Meet Me Now Bangkok dating agency. I have been advising and helping Western men find true love in Thailand for a while. I believe that if you are not just looking for a bar girl and instead for something that will become a special, lasting partnership then you will have to put in the effort that she deserves.

How Can You Find The Perfect Thai Girl For Your Future?

Learn the Thai culture! There are customs and certain traditions that you should be aware of before taking a Thai girl out on a date. The last thing that you want to do is offend her or cause her embarrassment. If you have a loud demeanor for example try and speak softly, as Thais are very gently spoken, and may interpret it as aggressive. Also make sure to remain humble about your money even if you think that you are the next Bill Gates, as Thai girls hate flashiness and arrogance. Be on time for any meeting and make sure to be on your best behavior, as a Thai girl will not be impressed with crude humor.

Once you have planned to go to meet a Thai girl, where to go to impress her will be your primary thought. Taking her to a bar or club would be the worst idea, as any self respecting, traditional Thai girl will simply think that you are categorizing her with the prostitutes and bar girls that are notorious the world over. Even if you merely thought that it would be a fun place to go together, she would definitely take offense and you most probably you will not hear from her again. If you meet a Thai girl through then they can take care of everything for you. With people such as me working alongside them in Bangkok, we can arrange a beautiful restaurant or even a fun activity to break the ice. will also arrange luxury transportation to and from the venue so you can just relax (but not put your feet up as that is offensive in Thailand) and prepare for what is the most important: getting to know your date.

Learning some Thai before you go on a date with a lady will really impress her. Thai women have a great sense of humor, so even if you feel self conscious speaking such a different, new language, then she will probably just giggle at any mistakes, and will really appreciate that you are making the effort. I know that I still poke fun at my husband’s Australian/Thai accent as it definitely makes him all the more endearing. There are many books and even online sources where you can brush up on your language skills.

The kind of trustworthy, genuine Thai girl that you are looking for will probably be shy, as Thai women are traditionally conservative and gracious. Don’t be shocked if she brings a friend along with her on the first date, this is completely normal as she will most probably be very nervous and have told all of her family and friends about your meeting. You must take things slowly, and just because she takes a while to show you affection does not by any means reflect disinterest. It could take many dates to get even a kiss from her, and in fact kissing on the lips is a new concept in Thailand. Do not even hold her hand in public, as this is frowned upon at the beginning of relationships. Remember however that once you have your Thai ladies heart, she will open up and dote upon you like any woman would.

Sunset Thai Girl

Walk Into The Sunset With Your Thai Girl.

Thais are frugal with compliments, so a lady would really appreciate your positive comments towards her. If you are lucky enough to taste her cooking, then telling her that her food is delicious will score you big points, as it is of utmost importance to a Thai woman that her partner enjoys her culinary skills.

Most importantly don’t over think everything, be yourself and simply allow the night with your Thai girl to unfold.