Live Like A King With Fitness In Thailand – Part 3/4

Fitness in Thailand - Thai Date Outside Likes to do fitness in Thailand

Fitness in Thailand – Taking Your Thai Date To A Gym. Fun For You. Fun For Her.

Fitness In Thailand – Part 3

By: Guest Blogger Marc Lewis

Your Thai girl will be very impressed if you regularly do fitness in Thailand. But, of course, you don’t work out only for your Thai girl. You work out for you. You know that staying in shape is as important as a good diet and regular check ups as you age. Can you, and your Thai girl, find a good gym in Thailand?

Are There Any Good Places for fitness In Thailand?

In parts one and two of this blog I went looking for a good location to work out in Bangkok. I was looking for an array of free weights, racquet courts for tennis, badminton or squash and a pool where I could swim lengths. A reasonable price would also be taken into consideration.

Did I find a gym with my requirements? Not in the first two parts of this blog. I looked at California Wow and at the major Hotel gym clubs but they didn’t fit my requirements.

Are All The Good  Studios for Fitness in Thailand or Downtown Bangkok?

Where could I look next? As I drove the streets of Bangkok I noticed there are a lot of neighborhood gyms available. That got me thinking. Maybe I could find something reasonable in my own neighborhood and avoid a long commute downtown just to work out. Most of the neighborhood gyms I saw were a bit on the small size but I was betting I could find something better with a little investigation.

Is It Possible The Best Gym Is Right Next Door?

I’ve always seen a set of tennis courts from the window of my condo so I went there to investigate for the best place for fitness in Thailand. The courts, I found out, are part of a gym complex that is spread out over the entire street. With a membership I could use the weights in the building at the corner. Five hundred meters down the road were the tennis courts. Another 300 meters and I’m at a building which houses a pool and badminton courts.

I was impressed but it wasn’t a perfect scenario. The pool is a little on the small side and doesn’t have a full cover to block the sun. The badminton courts were absolutely full every time I went and, most annoying, I had to trek up and down the street to go from one activity to another. I decided to continue my search.

Could This Be The Breakthrough I’m Looking For?

The next development was when a friend said he passed a nice place as he was driving to my condo. We agreed to go take a look the next day.

The name of the club is Championship Fitness in Thailand and it’s about 10 minutes from the well known Mall Bang Kapi, only 20 minutes from where I live. As we drove in I began to feel hopeful. Outside we could see a series of tennis courts in very good condition. That was certainly a good sign.

Fitness in Thailand - Thai Date Outside 2

Get In Shape And Find A Smile On Your Thai Date’s Face With Fitness In Thailand.

Would They Go With The Hard Sell?

We were greeted warmly by the gym staff and they offered to take us around the facilities. We were pleased there was no hard sell, just friendly people trying to be helpful. They took us up to the third floor first. There we saw a multitude of machines. There were treadmills and stationary bikes and various other cardio machines all in good shape.

In addition to the cardio machines they had a large assortment of weight machines to choose from. It was impressive. There was also a room for Yoga and Aerobics classes on that floor.

Did They Have Free Weights for Fitness in Thailand?

We went to the 2nd floor next . It was one large room devoted only to free weights. There were incline as well as decline benches. There were benches for leg work-outs and a rack of dumbbells big and small. I was starting to feel really good about this club. Lastly, we toured the first floor. What did they have?

Did They Have Everything I Wanted?

On the first floor they had another aerobics room, large locker rooms and showers, and two saunas in each locker room. That was all well and good but the kicker came when we went outside. There was a pool!

It was a nice rectangular pool suitable for swimming laps. It also had a full cover over it so you can swim in the bright sun or the rain. Another nice feature was an outdoor patio and small restaurant between it and the tennis courts.

Was I In A Dream?

I really couldn’t believe I’d found a gym for fitness in Thailand with everything on my wish list. I braced myself to hear the price, expecting it to be exorbitant. It wasn’t. A one year membership cost only 10,000 baht. Needless to say I signed on the dotted line!

I’ve been working out there for two months now and I must say it’s a very nice place. It’s in a Thai neighborhood so if you prefer to be surrounded by other Westerners you’d be in the wrong place. I, on the other hand, enjoy being immersed in the Thai culture and I haven’t had any trouble making friends there.

Where Will You Find Your Fitness In Thailand?

The gym I found is the right place for me. Your perfect gym might be different. Also, chances are you’ll end up downtown near the ex-pat areas. Well the good news is I found a great gym downtown that would be right for just about anyone. Would you like to hear about it? No problem, just come back for my next blog. See you then.

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Marc Lewis is a 50-year-old Canadian who has traveled the world extensively both on his own and leading student tours. He’s worked as a high school teacher, business executive and photojournalist. Two years ago Marc met a lovely Thai girl online and continues on his mission for fitness in Thailand.