The Best Gift Idea For Your Thai Girlfriend Is…

Thai Girl Best Gift Idea

Your Thai Girl Will Always Appreciate A Surpise. Especially A Surprise Like This! The Best Gift Idea Is…

Want to know the best gift idea for a Thai girlfriend?

We Thai girls love our group of friends. We love to stay in touch and we love the latest technology. It’s impossible to visit any public place in Thailand without seeing Thai girls using these items in abundance.

If you buy one for your Thai girlfriend she will shriek in delight. She’ll be impressed with your gift-buying thoughtfulness. Affection will be heaped upon you and then she’ll probably disappear for a few hours and play with her gift. What is it?

The Best Gift Idea Is…

Of course it’s an iPhone! While I’m sure any smart phone would light her eyes up I promise you if she doesn’t have an iPhone already she’s desperately craving one.

Why an iPhone? First I have to admit we Thai like to show off a little bit. Some Thais will purchase a luxury car even though they can’t really afford it because they like others to think they are doing well. Girls like to purchase name brand items when they can. So you can imagine why a Thai girl would love an iPhone. Not only is it a great piece of technology but, as an Apple product, it also gives her status.

She’ll Never Forget You With The Best Gift Idea

Another reason the iPhone is a great gift for a Thai girl is communication will be easier for her. She’d love to get a call or a text from you . Send her an email which she can see right away and she’ll be absolutely delighted. Need to see her NOW? Use the facetime feature to place a video call. Your Thai girl thrives on the attention.

Thai Girl Best Gift Idea Gift 2

Thai Girls Like To Be Treated Like A Lady. It’s A Very Simple Way To Her Heart. Check Out The Best Gift Idea For Her.

I’m sure you know by now Thai girls have very close relationships with their family members. I talk to my mother four times a day and sometimes even more! It’s so convenient to keep in touch with the family on an iPhone. I have an App which allows my two sisters, my mom, and I to all be in the same chat together! We love it!

Can You Compete With Her Friends?

Friends are also important to your Thai girl. Most Thai girls have a big circle of friends and they spend time chatting back and forth all day. If they are planning a weekend trip together as they chat, they just go to an App and book their hotel while they’re chatting. Then they can immediately share the information. The iPhone keeps the bonds of friendship close.

Is This Best Gift Idea Going To Cost Me?

Please don’t think I’m insensitive. I realize an iPhone is a substantial investment. I’m not suggesting you buy one for your girlfriend early in the relationship. Wait until you’ve gotten to know each other well. Wait until you’ve spent some quality time together. Wait until the point where you and your Thai girl start making plans to be together. That’s the time to spring your surprise on her.

The iPhone is the best gift idea for your Thai girl because it keeps her in touch with friends and family. It’s also a status symbol for her. But more that, it’s the perfect gift for her, and she’ll love you for it.

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