10 Romantic Ways To Date Younger Women (A Gentleman’s Guide)

Date Younger Women

How To Date Younger Women!

The Reasons For Older Men Wanting To Date Younger Women Are Seemingly Obvious, But Why Would A Younger Woman Want To Date An Older Man?

The truth is that there are countless reasons that range from the security that he can provide to the comfort of being with someone who has more life experience. Unfortunately, these relationships are over before they start because older men don’t know how to court a younger woman. Follow this guide and have a new lease on your love life.

Rule #1 When You Date Younger Women: Take Her to Dinner… And Pay

Even the most liberated and progressive women want a man from the fairytales, who will coddle them and make them feel like the princess. Taking a younger woman to dinner is not only an opportunity to have enough time to warm up and get into your comfort zone, but it also allows sharing, and allows you to discuss the food when the conversation about yourselves slows down. When the bill comes, be a gentleman and pay for it—show her that you are stable in your finances and enjoy treating her to an enjoyable evening.

Rule #2 When You Date Younger Women: Have a Picnic in the Park

The fundamental rules of romance never change. Having a picnic in the park not only allows you two to enjoy nature together, to pick your own foods, to spend time together in a less pressurized and more public environment, but it allows you to have the freedom to take a walk afterwards and to continue your date if it is going well. More than this, a picnic is simply a perfect way to spend the afternoon so you don’t have to commit to evening plans if either of you find that you are not compatible.

Romantic Dinner date younger women

Date Younger Women: Have A Romantic Dinner.

Rule #3 When You Date Younger Women: See A Movie
This medium of entertainment is special because it does not involve talking, but communicating in other ways. If it is a sad movie, you can mofort her, if it is a funny movie, you can laugh with her, and if it is a boring movie, you can enjoy leaving together and having a drink at a nearby bar.

Rule #4 When You Date Younger Women: Take a Walk Together
Nothing is more romantic than a man who does not have to hide behind dinner or a movie. This is the perfect way to see if you are compatible and also to show her that you are a good listener to what is happening in her life. Many older men fall victim to nature’s trap of making them feel like being older means being more interesting. Women want to be heard, they want to be celebrated and they want you to help them feel this way. Sometimes its not all about you, it doesn’t have to be all about her, s encourage a volley of sharing, sometimes listening to her, then her to you, and be man enough to embrace the silence and enjoy the fresh air of a walk together.

Rule #5 When You Date Younger Women: Ask About Her
Ask about her and genuinely be interested in the answer. Don’t wait to speak, wait to listen. Compliment her and encourage her to share more, understand what she is trying to communicate to you and respond in kind.

Rule #6 When You Date Younger Women: Cook Dinner TOGETHER
Not only does this play into women’s natural instincts to find a man that will become part of her home, but it is wildly fun. You can go to the store together, pick out ingredients and talk about the menu you are going to create for the night. It is a project tht you are creating together and that you enjoy the benefits of equally and together also.

Thai Woman with gift

Want to keep your Thai woman? An occasional Gift can do wonders!

Rule #7 When You Date Younger Women: Give Her A Book
Literature is an excellent way to explain about yourself without having to do the explaining. This is further than sharing, this is sharing something that speaks to you in a deep emotional way, which will allow her to see a sensitive part of you and enjoy you more.

Rule #8 When You Date Younger Women: Stay Cool
This is a simple rule that is too often disregarded, when she speaks to you, she may be speaking from a different generational standpoint. Get on the internet and look up the things you don’t know about so you can participate in the conversations.

Rule #9 When You Date Younger Women: Go Shopping
Women have a hard time seeing an older man looking aged. Older is often sexy, but dated is not. This does not mean buying tight jeans and getting your hair dyed, but looking classy will make her feel classy and that is true romance.

Rule #10 When You Date Younger Women: Send Her Flowers
Even women that are not sure if they are interested in you will enjoy this. It shows class, confidence and style, the flowers you choose will represent you. So choose the way you intend to make her feel, ask your florist for advice. This has never failed anyone yet!