Thai Women and Western Guys – Why This Marriage Works

Thai Women

Charming And Enchanting – The Qualities Of Thai Women

Thai Women Are Mysterious And Attractive

To many, the dynamics of a Western man and Thai lady’s relationship is confusing and absurd. The fact that I feel that I need to write about such a subject shows the misconceptions by society on what are often joyfully happy unions of two people who were in search of true love. Hi! I’m Nathamon Madison and I own the dating agency Meet Me Now Bangkok, which along with the site has created many wonderful pairings between Thai women and Western guys which have lasted! Like all multi cultural relationships, Western/Thai partnerships are becoming more accepted across the world.

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Contrary to what many Westerners believe, the stereotype of a quiet, submissive partner is not the case with Thai women. Despite still having exceptional manners and enormous self respect when it comes to their sexuality, Thailand is a fast changing country and many businesses are now run by women as well as us having positions in  the government, executive jobs and many women are even bank managers which is still rare in the West.

One reason why Western men and Thai women work well together is because even when a Thai lady is successful in her own right she loves taking on the role of a wife and femininity is a very important part of her as a person.

Many Western men feel that this has been lost with many women in the West. A Thai lady will be thrilled to receive feminine gifts, and play the traditional role around the house. Cooking is a part of the daily routine that a Thai woman wants to take charge with, and many Thai women can whip up some excellent cuisine which she will relish in watching you enjoy. We take pride in ‘looking after’ our partners. In return a Thai lady expects a faithful husband (as Thai men do not place much emphasis on monogamy) who will make her feel secure and loved. As most marriages in Thailand are arranged by the families, love is not usually an important factor. Thai women can find doting and affectionate men from the West who give them a happy and stable life emotionally. Many feel that Westerners do not judge them like Thai society does, and they feel that they accept and respect them even if they are not virgins or have been married previously.

In Thai culture, aggression is frowned upon, and is the last resort in most disagreements. This is an element to a Thai ladies personality that is very compatible with a Western man who is looking for a peaceful existence, especially after an agonizing and stressful divorce.

Thai Women

Thai Women – You Just Have To Love Them!

Another attraction to Thai women can be their wonderful family values. Meeting and being welcomed into your wife’s (probably very large) family will make you feel completely at home and expand your life immensely. From her grandmothers wonderful aromatic cooking, to her father taking you out fishing on his boat, your new family will most probably accept you gladly. Thai people are very warm and tolerant. As long as you realize that when you marry your wife, you will in essence be marrying her family also, you have some wonderful years ahead full of exotic dishes, delightful gatherings and lots of love. If you have spent time in Thailand you will see that it is a very laid back country with a relaxed and composed atmosphere. This is probably why the women are also so amenable and easy to get on with. You needn’t worry about her fitting in when she meets your friends and family as your wife will love coming to visit your country and meeting anyone that you introduce her to. Exploring new places together will give you both rare and special traveling adventures, as you will share experiences through such different eyes and from such different angles.

Any multi-cultural relationship is hit with more boundaries and issues than one from the same country. I think that one of the major components that makes a marriage work in any culture is understanding, and in a Thai/Western relationship this is even more crucial. If you are considering marriage with your Thai girlfriend you need to realize the challenges and in many cases they can be turned into positives. The language for instance can be seen not as a barrier of confusion, but as a learning experience for you both to grow and expand your horizons. A couple is all about two separate people becoming one unit, culturally, emotionally and physically. A Thai/Western marriage can exude a mix of East meets West, hamburgers meets curry you could say, and to me that sounds pretty tasty! Come In and find your partner among thousands of beautiful Thai women!