Strong and Sexy, Yet Polite And Sweet – Why Thai Women Make Excellent Wives

Thai Women

Modern Thai Women Are Filling Their Position In Society. In Family And In Business.

Thai Women Now Make Up A Large Percentage Of The Careers In Thailand

Thailand is a country that despite still having a long way to go, is working its way out of poverty and becoming a competitor in the world economic system. With a health plan proposed and in place to begin in the next few years and a rising middle class, Thailand is no longer considered a Third World country.

Hi! I am Nathamon, and I grew up in a small village just outside of Bangkok and moved to the big city when I was eighteen to pursue a career in the tourist industry. I moved around ten years ago, just around the time when tourists were beginning to flock to Thailand after they had heard tales of crystal clear waters, luscious forests and exotic women. I found a job in a travel agent right in the center, and soon I was selling more tour packages and flights than any of my colleagues. When I proposed the idea to my friends and family that I wanted to open my own business, they thought I must be living in a dream and told me that, ‘village girls like you don’t run their own company’. Well now I am the owner and CEO of the successful dating agency, Meet Me Now Bangkok, which has helped many people in search of love to meet their soul mates.

Intelligent And Educated Thai Women Have A Certain Subtle Strength That I Think Is Very Special And Unique

I have watched and taken part in the development of Thailand both socially and physically, as people’s attitudes change and more opportunities arise all over the country for individuals to make something of their lives. If you are a man that is looking for true love in Thai women and not just some submissive stereotype that we have been known for in the past, a Thai lady could be your perfect match. A lady that you meet will, like me have seen the changes in Thailand and will feel proud that as a woman she has gained much more respect and many more rights.

Thai Women now make up a large percentage of the careers in Thailand, with jobs in fields such as teaching, finance, banking, business and even the government.

Intelligent and educated women in Thailand have a certain subtle strength that I think is very special and unique, as despite being ambitious, unlike many of the Western women, family still comes first before our careers. It is instilled into every Thai, that our families and husbands are the most important factors in life, and what will truly make us happy. A Thai wife will take pleasure in looking after the home and cooking for her husband and family. Tasks that are seen as a burden in the West are seen as a privilege for a Thai woman, as she will see the fact that she has a nice home and doting husband as things that she wants to take care of. Seeing her husband finish off a plate of her food, or for her to create a beautiful, clean home for their life together, will make her proud and gratified.

Thai women are very beautiful and sexy, however they keep their sexuality very discreet within Thai culture and only prostitutes or bar girls will overtly engage in kissing and intimately touching in public. It is seen as a taboo to even hold hands when walking down the street. This traditional and self respecting image keeps marriage to a Thai woman very exciting. The fact that she holds back her emotions and physical affections for when you are alone with each other, keeps a real sense of passion and builds suspense for when you are back home in the bedroom. This makes you feel like you are the most special man in the world, as you are the only one who she truly lets her guard down with.

Thai Women And Their Men

One Of These Beautiful Thai Women Could Be At Your Side

It is now common in Thailand for unmarried couples to engage in sexual relations. This usually refers to couples who have commitment to each other and she will most probably be expecting marriage. It is highly likely that if your Thai lady is not a virgin, then she will have had very few sexual partners in her life, making you even more special to her not just emotionally but also physically. Your girlfriend may however want to wait until marriage for you to sleep together. It is incredibly important for a Thai wife to please her husband sexually. We Thai women are aware that men have an innate need for sex, and we love having healthy sex lives with the man that we love. We see sex as an essential element in a successful monogamous union.

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