A Quick Guide to Online Dating Over 40

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You Are In A Position To Get your Love-Life Started With This Quick Guide For Dating Over 40

If 30 is the new 20, then 40 is the new 30… And statistics show that over one third of all 30 years olds in United States have had some sort of relationship develop online. That being said, this is an area that you would be remiss to forgo with all of the opportunities out there.

Dating over 40 is unique because 40 year old’s are young enough to still have the energy to do adventurous things and participate in current style and entertainment trends but old enough to be outside of the age group where they are still “figuring themselves out.” This makes the exceptional candidates for online dating because they have such strong personality sets to offer women, that truly may be best served up online.

Many Men That Start Dating Over 40 Wrongly Believe That At Their Age Bracket, The Dating Chances Are Dramatically Lowered

But as described above, they are very much a sought after demographic for older and younger women. Age has given you experience and youth is still on your side physically

So what should you consider when dating over 40?

Rule #1 When Dating Over 40: Be ready to meet divorced women

This is a key age group when dating over 40 of men and women who have had a long-term relationship already and want to do their next relationship “the right way,” having learned from their experiences. The online community is buzzing with an electricity that is not only refined and classy but also very sexy if you play your cards right.

Rule #2 When Dating Over 40: Don’t be so desperate.

The nature of the online game is that you don’t owe anyone anything, you can simply decide to stop talking to someone from one day to the next. Being desperate is an immediate turnoff for women, and with all of the availability of men online, there is little slack given to mistakes made early in the game.

Rule #3 When Dating Over 40: Keep it in your pants.

Wait until things develop to start with the racy talk. Just like shy and conservative men would not date a women who dresses very suggestively, more private and traditional women, who may be great dates, will immediately back off when met with overt or suggestive pictures or profiles. Keep it cool and wait until you actually meet the person to take it to these very personal levels that should be shared between two people and not the whole world.

Rule #4 When Dating Over 40: Spread the love.

One of the beautiful things about dating online is that you can network with a number of different women at a time until you feel a real click with one of them. They likelihood that they are doing the same thing is great because this is the nature of online dating sites. Feel free to commit yourself fully to each relationship but this does not include speaking to them about any other potential dates. Keep your options open because you have to plant a lot of seeds to grow roses online.

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Rule #5 When Dating Over 40: Don’t pretend to be someone you are not.

Not only are you wasting someone else’s time, but you are wasting your own time creating a fictitious personality that will be revealed if the relationship ever develops to the point of meeting in person. We all have personality traits that we strive for, but instead of being dishonest, try sharing yourself with that person and you just might find that they really like the real you.

Rule #6 When Dating Over 40: Do not agree to meet someone too early on.

Not only for safety reasons, but also because sometimes it takes a little more time to get to know someone online, it is important that you restrict the relationship to online and maybe phone boundaries. Wait until you truly feel like you know and trust this person enough to meet them. And when you do decide to meet them, make sure you do it in a public space where you feel safe to leave if things are not going the way you had planned.

In the end, you are not alone in that you’re looking for someone special and dating over 40, in fact $5 Billion (USD) annually are spent on online dating websites. Find a few good sites that seen to cater to the interests that are important to you and sign up. A lot of the social media sites are also a good idea to take part in, just because it might lead to something romantic in addition to helping you keep in better touch with your friends.

If you consider that the online dating world is emerging not only as a legitimate way to meet a partner, but one of the primary ways of socializing in this day in age, you will have better success in understanding the way that world works. At the end of the day, just enjoy yourself.