Bangkok Night Life – Be Wary Of The Thai Women (How to Know If She’s a Prostitute)

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You Want To Date Thai Women Not Bar Girls

Mainstream Thai Women Are By Nature Extremely Faithful To Their Men

Thailand is a pretty free, live-and-let-live, mostly non-judgmental and tolerant nation. For this reason, outsiders often are surprised when situations with women unexpectedly turn out to be involved with the sex industry and not simply meeting a local girl. It is important to know the difference between a mainstream Thai woman and a woman who works in the subculture geared only toward tourists. If you’re completely out of it you could find yourself in some strange situations. Mostly Thai philosophy is that as long as you’re not harming someone else, live and let live.

But still, if there is a bar girl who is scamming for money or a service where someone moves to Thailand for a wife and family and gets cheated by the woman he came for who never intended to be with him, all this is a big no-no and you should be protected.

In This Article I Will Talk About Bangkok Night Life And Tell You How To Avoid Situations Where You’re Being Cheated By Thai Women.

Remember that there are mainstream Thai women who are treated like bargirls and misunderstood because almost everything you read is written by men whose only experience with Thai women is with prostitutes because those are the ones he gets access to without any knowledge, job or language. Other guys then are left out because they look over women that good actually be very nice Thai women, not at all prostitutes!

The most common negative experience is when a man finds a young and beautiful Thai woman who is in fact a bar girl, and he believes he will be able to make her change into the loyal girlfriend or wife of his dreams. In this case, the blame probably rests with the guy who picked an unsuitable woman in the first place! No matter what industry or culture in which you find yourself, changing a person by your own influence and not their free choice is nearly always close to impossible.

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Do You Want To Date Bar Girls or Real Trustworthy Thai Women?

There’s also situations of scamming where the fault is obviously with the woman who is intentionally scamming a man out of his money. One common trick is to suggest a new restaurant or night club, and while it seems she is a regular customer, she is actually connected to the staff. When the check comes, it is four or five times the price of what a drink might cost anywhere else.

Other Thai women simply pretend that they are a steady girlfriend when they have no intention of really behaving like one, and simply want to use the guy to get money while they continue on their life with their circle of Thai friends.

The thing to remember though, is that often bad news travels further and wider than good news.

There are a lot of stories of bar girls becoming great wives and girlfriends and raising fantastic families with foreign men, and there are also stories of foreign men and Thai women meeting by chance and falling in love and building a life together.

But it isn’t really the majority. Where and how you meet someone is really important in assessing the nature of their individual character and the character of your future relationship.

Mainstream Thai women are by nature extremely faithful to their men. But what is it that you are looking for? If you are still looking around for the right woman, or you simply aren’t interested in settling with only one person, then trying to take a monogamous Thai woman who wants to build a life with you isn’t really a wise idea. It will only generate disappointment and mistrust from both of you. You have to also be willing to embrace to some extent the Thai way of life. Being patient, tolerant, smiling and content, is the Thai way to appropriately express emotion. If you are headstrong and stuck in your ways, then you might run into troubles on the Thai dating scene.

If you meet someone that you fall in love with but can’t cast off lingering, nagging suspicion or doubt, you may even want to hire a private investigator to give you a report on her character. These services are growing in popularity and relatively inexpensive, as well as discreet.

A good rule of thumb is simply not to expect or ask for physical intimacy on the first date. Never give out money for free, and don’t drink excessively without the right environment in which you feel at ease. It can be easy to get swept up in the attention you are being paid by a new lady friend in a bar, but in the long run be aware that you don’t want to end up with a huge bill at the end of the night that throws doubt on her genuine interest in you. Also, you don’t want to be rude and show her a mean side of you that might be a cultural misunderstanding between you and Thai women. Your best bet is to stick to chaperoned environments that are about getting to know eligible Thai women, not hitting the tourist bar scenes.