Marriage In Thailand – Laws and Customs You Should Know

Marriage in Thailand

Some Things You Should Know When You Are Considering Marriage In Thailand.

Marriage In Thailand: There Are Thousands Of Thai Women Interested In Marrying Western!

Thailand is a beautiful country full of beautiful women who have been raised with traditional family values. Unlike the Western world where in recent decades women have become less marriageable because of their dress and behavior, Thai women have preserved the quality of elegance and grace that make them excellent marriage partners.

There are thousands of Thai women interested in Western men to come to join them in Thailand! The women are hard-working professionals fed up with the lack of eligible men to date. They are happy to meet people who are from another background who have business skills and knowledge to come and join them in marriage in Thailand!

Customs For Marriage In Thailand Traditionally Follow The Buddhist Way

A Buddhist wedding is quite different. Instead of wearing a long tutu, the bride wears a slimming white one-shoulder gown fit for royalty. Her make up and hair are neat and flawless, and she prides herself on her gentle kindness and humility. The man wears a similar fabric cut into a princely suit, with a long jacket over straight-leg pants. The ceremony can be done in a civil Western style or at a Buddhist temple. In the Buddhist style, bride and groom kneel and are given prayers and good luck by a monk. In the Western style, the ceremony is done civilly and the decorations and party atmosphere are in a romantic Thai theme.

Laws For Marriage in Thailand Between Foreigners And Thais Are Straightforward

The legal process takes less than a week. The non-Thai must go to his embassy and acquire an affidavit that affirms his identity and that he is eligible to be married, if he is not under legal guardianship, is of age and is not already married or not complete with the divorce process of a former wife. Then he must take the affidavit to the Thai marriage office, where he will be asked to provide proof that he is employed and the identification documents of his wife. Before this process is done, any prenuptial agreement he may want to arrange ought to be looked over by a Thai law firm so that it can be translated into Thai and submitted as legally binding.

Marriage in Thailand

Marriage In Thailand: Do You Want To Marry A Thai Woman?

If a Thai woman wants to take on the citizenship of your home country, note that she will lose her Thai citizenship, but that she can reclaim it later if she would like to move back to Thailand. You can have dual citizenship, however, if you are from North America or Europe. After 3 years of living in Thailand and learning enough Thai to pass a simple interview test, you can also elect for citizenship. Before you are a citizen, however, you can only own 49% of any business and you will have to rent your living space, or lease land on which you live in a house that you can own or build. If you are living with your bride in a common space, she is able to own the land. But it is the best idea to get a prenuptial agreement before the wedding so that you can have everything taken care of beforehand and protect any of your assets that otherwise according to Thai law could become half hers were you to split up.

Also keep in mind that after the marriage in Thailand, your wife will expect to take on the duties of a wife. In some Western couples the work at home is split equally between both partners. This isn’t really the case in Thailand. In Thailand, women tend to insist on doing the washing, cleaning and cooking. Part of a wife’s honoring her husband is to take care of all his needs. Some traditions have women bowing at the feet of her husband before sleeping, or not eating until he takes his first bite. Nowadays, it’s more common to see women in charge of the household and genuinely wanting to see their partners happy before they go about doing things for themselves. She will want to be the same way if there are any children.

The important way to be in Thailand is gentle and happy. There is a tradition in Thailand never to “lose face”, which means to become angry or irritated visibly with another person. Anger is talked about and communicated with as much calm and relaxation as possible, otherwise the first person to lose their temper loses. It is part of the mindfulness of Buddhist culture not to be attached to negative emotions.

A marriage in Thailand can be like a dream come true! The most important thing to consider is your quality of life and enjoyment! Don’t you deserve a life of happiness, beauty and relaxation?