Cultural Values: Thai Family and Children

Thai Family Woman with baby

Thai Family: A Baby Means The World To A Thai Woman.

Love And Value In The Thai Family

For many Thai women children are the greatest gift they can hope for and you will see Thai women giving their children hours of close eye contact and lots of affection and loving attention. In a Thai family, children are often raised communally by close relatives and not exclusively by the mother, although Asian culture is generally non-interfering with parenting styles adopted by any family and tend not to make comments or blatant judgment about the way other families choose to bring up children, particular families that are mixed Thai and Western.

A Thai Family Offers Protection And Support

Motherhood is also respected and increases status in society for a young woman. Children in Thailand are allowed a great deal of freedom and held to a high degree of trust to make good decisions for themselves at a young age. A Thai family in general has a high degree of patience and tolerance for the behavior of children, and because of this is may seem like the children are spoiled or misbehaving. In fact, in the long run, this instills a balance of security and freedom in the child as he or she can both depend on adults but also observe a high level of tolerance and patience toward others.

A Thai Family Is Also Fascinated By Children Who Show Both Thai And Western Physical Characteristics.

A baby of Thai and Western parents should be ready to receive a great deal of doting attention from everyone! It’s also considered a little rude to remove the baby from the loving attention of others who are admiring him. It’s also normal for strangers to ask and be permitted to hold or cuddle the baby when he is young.

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Being Good With Children Can Open the Way To The Heart Of Your Thai Family.

As a parent in Thailand there is always plenty of help. Strangers are taught to appreciate and adore children and if you ever need a rest it is normal to trust nearly any adult with watching your child for a few minutes if you need a break.

In terms of pre-marital sex, conservatively it’s really not allowed for couples to have sex before they are married. And if there is sex, most Thai people link it to marriage. Men and women aren’t allowed to stay overnight together before marriage for this reason. There’s even a saying that goes, “The man wants to be the first for his woman, and the woman wants to be the last for her man.”

In reality, The Thai Family Is Facing A Small Crisis Because Of The Modern Media Craze Of Sexuality And Sex-Related Images.

Pre-marital sex is no longer absolutely forbidden in many circles although it is important in public to behave modestly and to exercise restraint. Many couples do live together before getting married in order to test out their relationship.

There are often different expectations with women then with men. Women are not really supposed to smoke. If a woman does smoke, it is frowned upon and linked to other undesirable behavior.

The Thai family overall is patriarchical.

Women are raised to take care of children and finances but not to be dominant in the public sphere. However, the parliament has a goal of increasing the number of women who participate in the upcoming decade. Beginning in 2003, taking a husband’s last name is no longer mandatory. Women are working and contributing to household income more than ever, and many men are also opting to assist with chores and housework to ease the burden on their wives. Divorce, however, is still bad luck for a Thai woman. Divorced women tend to be “tainted goods” who are not easily found new husbands because of gossip against them and blame for the failure of the marriage. Only since 2007 is a woman permitted to report rape against her husband.

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Thai Family: Having Children Can Be On The Game Plan Of Your Thai Girl.

It’s really important to realize that marrying into a Thai family is marrying into a community of people and friends – most of all family. Although a lot of Thai women elect to rent their own apartments, they are still closely knit to their family circle. If you are seeing a Thai woman, you should be open and accepting to her family and they will be happy to know you, too! Today many women in Thailand pursue higher education and enjoy a high degree of personal freedom. Today more than half of college graduates are women.

When meeting a Thai family, keep the cultural traditions in mind but most importantly simply keep good intentions. Thai people are very loving and considerate and if they see that you want to make a true effort they will embrace you and share with you whatever they can!