Goal: To Be A Thai Wife – Are Girls In Thailand Desperate To Get Married?

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Let A Thai Lady Catch Your Heart! – And Become Your Thai Wife.

A Thai Girl’s Online Profile Will Often State Outright That She Is Looking For A Husband – She Wants To Become A Thai Wife.

No bones about it that’s why she’s there. Then she’ll list the qualities she’s seeking in a husband; honesty, sincerity, doesn’t play games. Most Western men would start to feel a little self-conscious reading that. It seems she wants the perfect guy.

Why is becoming a Thai wife on so strong in her profile? Doesn’t she realize she could be chasing away good eligible men? Men who would make good partners but don’t feel like they can live up to her standards?

Men who would definitely consider having a Thai wife but don’t want to feel rushed into marriage?

Understand Western Men

When I was looking online for a Thai wife I was taken aback by the profiles that said “looking for a husband,” or “my goal is marriage”. I was more interested in “let’s see what happens” kind of girls. I was willing to consider getting married at some point but I didn’t want to feel pressured into a serious relationship too early. I know I’m not alone in that feeling. Western men in general don’t like to feel trapped in a relationship at an early stage.

Western women know this. When you look at a Western dating site you’ll rarely see Western women stating marriage as their goal. Western women know that’s a sure-fire way to scare off a man. So why do Thai women do it?

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Understand Thai Women – “I want to become a Thai Wife”

First, keep in mind Thai women have no idea Western men have a flight reflex if the topic of marriage is brought up at an early stage. A Thai girl likes to cut right to the chase because it’s the honest thing to do. She’s telling you she’s not there to find a man to fool around with. She’s telling you she’s there to meet a man of integrity she can have an honest relationship with.

Fight your reflex to be afraid. She doesn’t want to rush into a marriage any more than you do.. She’s perfectly willing to take the time it takes to validate your relationship. Your Thai girl is simply putting the word out there that she’s a good Thai wife, not a floozy.

Understand Thai Men

In her culture she’s had to deal with Thai men who routinely lie to their partners, keep girlfriends on the side, and expect their Thai wife to understand their philandering ways. Can you see now why your Thai girl wants to make it plain from the outset that she’s looking for a sincere and honest man?

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That’s why Thai girls come to dating sites matching them with Western men. They believe a Western man is inclined to be more dedicated than a Thai man. A potential Thai wife is aware Western men like to play a bigger role in the family like helping with the children and housework. That quality, along with the perception that Western men are more faithful than Thai men, leads them to seek a Western man.

You Should Be Happy To Meet An Honest Thai Wife

So the trick is to understand what a Thai girl is trying to say when she writes in her profile that she’s seeking marriage. She’s saying she’s had it with dishonest Thai men, and if you’re a good Western man, she’d like to hear from you. Instead of running from her you should be happy she’s serious about meeting a quality man like yourself. Take another look at her profile now. It may be time to make your move and find your Thai wife.