Looking For A Thai Wife? What Should You Do When You’ve Met “The Right One?”

Many Thai Wife

“Problem Finding A Thai Wife? Well, yeah, I’ve Got Too Many To Choose From!”

You’ve made a great decision coming to DateThaiLadies.com to look for a Thai Wife.

Thai women are gorgeous, gracious, warm, caring and funny. Having a Thai partner is a wise decision you’ll never regret.

So while I’m sure you’re happy, I’m hoping our business relationship is a short one. Why would I say that?

Why Would You Leave A Dating Site Quickly?

I should say I’m hoping it’s a short, yet fruitful relationship. I say this because I fully expect you to meet your soul mate here!

Let me tell you Gary’s story. Gary told me after his divorce he had a hard time getting into the dating game again. When he finally felt ready he started looking on the internet and came across the idea of finding a Thai wife. The more he researched the idea the more he liked it. He finally settled on our matching site, ThaiLadyDateFinder.com, and made a profile.

Get “Back In The Game!” To Find A Thai Wife

He was astounded at how many pretty Thai ladies wanted to talk with him. He was up for hours each night chatting to them. Sometimes he had four chats open at one time. Gary felt flattered and really happy. He felt like he was “back in the game.” He said it was great for his self-esteem.

Gary’s biggest problem was narrowing down his list of ladies. Each Thai lady he met had some wonderful qualities. Then, four months after joining ThaiLadyDateFinder.com, Gary met Oh.

She Had Something Special

It wasn’t that Oh was so different from other Thai ladies. She was kind and considerate and pretty like so many of the others. But he did notice something special. Her laugh. She shared a sense of humor with him. They laughed at the same things. She “got” him.

Cute Thai Wife

Thai Ladies Are Not Only Cute And Beautiful, But Also Smart And Funny With A Good Sense Of Who Is Mr Right. Can One Of Them Conquer Your Heart And Become Your Thai Wife?

It felt great to laugh again and laugh so often. Over the next three months Gary and Oh spent more and more hours together online. They shared their family history and life stories and they grew closer. The time Gary spent chatting with other girls was diminishing. He had to find out if he and Oh had something special in real-life.

Will She Be Special In Person And Does She Have The Qualities To Become His Thai Wife?

After three months of chatting Gary flew to Thailand. He didn’t think about other Thai ladies. He only wanted to spend time with Oh and find out if they had something special in person. It didn’t take long to find out.

From the moment Gary saw Oh at the airport he knew they were magic together. Her big smile and kind eyes melted his heart. Over the next week they had an opportunity to spend time together shopping, eating, and visiting Thai tourist sites. Not only did Gary fall in love with Oh, he fell in love with Thailand!

How Could He Think Of Anyone Else?

When Gary returned to Australia the relationship continued to grow. Gary told me some of their Skype dates went as long as seven hours! The Thai ladies he used to talk to were becoming a distant memory. Oh said she couldn’t remember the last time she used the dating site to talk to another man.

And so they came to an agreement. They would go on the site at the same time and delete their profiles. It was a giant show of commitment for them. They saw it as one of those memorable moments in a relationship like the first time you meet or your first kiss or your engagement.

The Big Event

They went on Skype together and then they went to the site and wrote thank you letters to me (Awww, thank you!) and then they deleted their profiles.

And I couldn’t be happier to see them go! After all that’s why I started my online dating site. I knew sincere Western men and honest, sensational Thai ladies would make a great match. To me, Gary and Oh deleting their profiles is a success because they found each other here, and I feel very proud.

It’s A Wonderful Story!

Their wonderful story continues to this day. Gary made a couple more trips to Thailand and Oh visited Australia on a visa for a couple weeks. Two years from their first online encounter they now they live together in Thailand! Gary loves living in Thailand and his work as a website designer allows him to work from anywhere. They are incredibly happy together.

How will your story turn out? You can never know until you give it a try to find your Thai wife.