Choosing the Right Thai Dating Service

Thai Dating Service

There Are Dozens Of Websites Claiming To Offer The “Best” Thai Dating Service.

But the truth is, is that most of them are only after your money.  They take a template from another site, and copy it, and hire people to put their own spin on it, and the original founders of the site might have nothing to do with Thai people or Thailand.

So Why Use ThaiLadyDateFinder.Com As Your Thai Dating Service? takes all this into account, and takes real steps to assure that you can trust that the site will deliver to you eligible women, from good backgrounds, who have been personally interviewed to assure that they are good-hearted with long-term interests in mind.

Why Is Our Thai Dating Service Different?

The reason is simple: we are a real couple!  I was born in Thailand originally, and my husband is a Westerner.  We met and fell in love, and realized that there are many other single men in the world like my husband who wanted the chance for real love, but simply couldn’t find eligible women at home!  We want to bring the chance for a lasting relationship to you, because we did it, and we think you can, too.  There are thousands of Thai women interested to date you, just like you’re interested to meet them, and it’s our mission to bring to you eligible and professional women that you would be interested in making a long term match with. That makes our Thai dating service special.

Thai Dating Service And Meeting The Love Of Your Life!

Thai Dating Service And Meeting The Love Of Your Life!

Some Thai dating sites try to get you to pay huge fees before you even meet your bride – they will have you invest thousands of dollars into all the fees associated with her coming to your country, and then when she arrives, she is either not the person you believed you were talking to or she is planning on leaving you to return home.  Our Thai dating service, on the contrary, shows real women that me and my husband and our staff interview, personally.  We hire a service to run a basic background check to make sure what they say about themselves is true, and then we interview them face-to-face to assure that they are exactly as their profiled depicts them.  There are no surprises or unexpected turns when you meet the woman who you have been conversing with – because pictures are current and accurate, and all the correspondence is written by the woman herself.


Some Thai dating sites even use misleading photos of girls that have nothing to do with the dating service, convincing you that the women are younger or more attractive than what is actually available.  At our Thai dating service, we meet each of the women personally, and check her age and appearance against the photos in her profile.  This won’t happen with us, because we check it personally.


At our Thai dating service we are a real couple, located in Thailand. I am Thai and my husband is Western and we share a great love story.  We want you to share the same success and love that we have been able to share with one another, and we know firsthand the experience from start to finish of looking for love overseas, from both sides.  We want to deliver you an honest experience to meet multiple Thai women who all suit your standards.


With our sites, and ThaiLadyDateFinder.Com, and our Thai dating service you are not needlessly investing any money beforehand.  You open up a profile that allows you to interact with suitable women – either in the form of a friendly “kiss” to their profile or in the more direct way of writing letters to them.  After enough time has passed and you feel comfortable with these individuals, we arrange a live date for you with each of them in Thailand.  You have as much or as little control over the venue and timing of everything as you want!  We will take care of everything.  A typical Thai date might be dinner, or lunch, or even afternoon tea, and at first there will be someone you know there to assure that everything runs smoothly and that both people feel comfortable.  There are more than one woman to choose from!  And what’s better, she will look the same as her photograph, and she will know who you are, because she will have been the one actually speaking to you during the dating process.


Finding the best Thai dating website isn’t easy, but when you look for someone through our sites, we know personally what to be aware of in the Thai dating market and how to avoid all the dangers of doing something new for the first time.  We are here to guide you with our experience and expertise – without heavy fees or promises we won’t keep.  Open up your profile today!  If you don’t try, how will you ever succeed?