Dating Over 50 – Why Western Men Find Love For a Second Time With Thai Ladies

Dating Over 50  - Old Guy and Thai Girl

Dating Over 50 – Lonely? Wait No Longer And Find Your Thai Love!

Dating Over 50 Isn’t What It Used To Be.

It used to be that dating over 50 was about spending time with someone according to common interests, and developing a respectful relationship, slowly, in the interests of pleasing both of your families and building a life together full of career, education and travel.  Nowadays, it seems everyone is out for a quick fix.  Meals are eaten on the go, movies are shorter and require no thought at all, books are practically obsolete, and so too even, are dates.  Dating over 50 nowadays seem to be mostly about sex, and mostly about appearances, and getting someone into bed, on both sides.  For those out there who are dating over 50 and can remember the good old days, it seems like everything has gotten worse and worse.  For someone who is divorced or separated, is there hope out there to find love again, the old fashioned way?

Dating Over 50 -  This could be your Thai Girlfriend

Dating Over 50 – This Could Be Your Thai Girlfriend

 So What Is Different When You’re Dating Over 50 now?

While at first glance a web site seems modern, in fact, is a simple way of putting you in touch with real women who hold your values.  They are working, they come from good families, and they are striving to find the time to both date and find romance while holding down their careers.  In this sense, they are similar to you in that they want a true and lasting love.

Why Not Give It A Chance And Try Dating Over 50?

Even for the biggest skeptic, there is the chance to visit a beautiful place and have a wonderful time with kind, caring people.  The only thing you have to lose is the small amount of time that you will be here – and even then there is so much to gain in natural beauty and cultural experience.

But The Truth Is Even When Dating Over 50 – Not Finding A Girl You Like Simply Won’t Happen!

We are careful to select only eligible and honest women to be a part of our service, and every woman is interviewed by us or our staff personally.  What’s more, you are not only meeting one person, so there are many chances for love.  Come and try, come and fall in love in Thailand!  Don’t you deserve lasting happiness?


Thai women also hold antique values that you as an older gentlemen will prefer.  First off is the appearance, it’s meticulous!  Nice hair and teeth, flawless skin, clean nails and professional dress at all times is the norm for Thai women.  They are not looking to appear on MTV or convince everyone that they are young – they already will look 10-20 years younger than they are for the rest of their loves!  Thai women understand how to convey a professional appearance and consider this an important part of what it means to be a lady.


Dating Over 50 - Thai Lady in Park

Dating Over 50 With A Thai Lady In The Park

In addition, Thai women are not going to be judgmental about your past in the way that a Western woman might.  They are not always looking backwards and wondering why why why! Instead, Thai society values looking forward with a positive attitude and accepting the present moment for exactly what it is.  Whether you have lost a loved one, or have divorced or simply not yet met the right person, the Thai woman sees you for the gentle person you are.  Don’t be shy about dating just because something might have gone wrong before.  Here we believe that the only way to succeed at love is to try!


Thai women also understand how to take their role as women lovingly and with sincerity.  They will want to cook and clean and maintain the house because these are the values with which they have been raised – and they won’t do it grumbling and complaining.  They will also want to serve you and make you pleased at all times, because as a husband this is another one of your rights to receive from your wife, and Thai women understand and want this.  But remember that this does not come one-way.  Many Thai men abuse this privilege by using their free time to drink, gamble, and even make violence against their wives.  If you show your wife that she is appreciated, she will return the same to you and even more.


The most important reason men fall in love with Thai women is that they are honest, genuine and not promiscuous.  Despite the false rumors circulated on the internet, most Thai women are too busy working and taking care of their families to take an active interest in foreigners.  Also, Thai women won’t expect to be intimate until after or close to an engagement – and even then public displays of affection in public are modest and with the interests of modesty for the group in mind.  Know that a Thai partner is one you can trust for life!  My Western husband and I couldn’t be a better complement for each other’s natures.