Why An Introduction Service Is A Good Idea – Part 1

Thai Love Introduction Service

Finding A Trustworthy Thai Love Can Be A Challenge Without A Professional Introduction Service.

Tim Called Me From England To Inquire About  Our Introduction Service.

I met my friend Tim in August of 2010. Tim was certain he wanted a Thai wife but he’d had a bad experience on his first visit to Thailand and he wanted to make sure he did everything right on his return visit.

What went wrong on his first visit which lead Tim to inquire about our introduction service at ThaiLadyDatingEvents.Com?

Tim sheepishly told me the story of his first visit to Thailand.

Tim spent weeks chatting to his Thai love interests on line.  He planned 4 dates over the course of a 10 day trip leaving a day in between each date to do some sightseeing or go on a second date if desired.  He figured he’d done everything right.  Tim figured by the end of his holiday he’d know if there was a spark with any of these girls.  Was it the perfect plan?

You might be asking yourself why any man would use an introduction service in Thailand.  Are these men intimidated by the beauty of Thai ladies?  Are they insecure with their own looks or personality?  Does the world-renowned gentleness of a wonderful Thai woman challenge their confidence level?

The fact is there are stark reasons to use an introduction service to plan your dates in Thailand.  Whether you’re insecure, lacking confidence, or a Don Juan,  an introduction service can free your experience of dangerous pitfalls which trip-up even the most astute visitors to Thailand.

The First Date – Without An Introduction Service

Tim’s first date, Jeed, agreed to pick him up at the airport and take him to his hotel.  When Tim saw Jeed in person he was overjoyed.  Jeed was totally beautiful and very helpful.

Tim’s Thai beauty showed him where he could exchange his money, made sure he enjoyed a nutritious Thai meal, and hailed them a cab, speaking Thai and helping Tim avoid the pain of trying to find his way in English. He felt like he made the right choice coming here on his own without and introduction service.

It made for a soft-landing in Bangkok and Tim felt gracious as Jeed went on her way after dropping him at his hotel for the night.  They agreed to meet for lunch the next day.

The next day was lovely.  Tim and Jeed enjoyed each others company as they went shopping together.  They enjoyed a matinee movie and then went for a late lunch at a cafeteria in the Emporium shopping mall on Sukhumvit Road.  Everything was progressing quite nicely.

A Turn For The Worse – And The Decision, The Next Time I’ll Use An Introduction Service

As luck would have it, Pom, one of the girls Tim had met online, happened to stroll by.  Pom noticed Tim from his profile and stopped to say a quick hello.  Tim graciously acknowledged her and wished her a good day.  It was a ten-second encounter.

As Tim turned back to his date he was aghast to see tears in Jeed’s eyes.  Great big crocodile tears.  Tim’s lovely Thai date was crushed.  Jeed’s previously playful and vibrant smile was replaced by a nearly inconsolable sadness.

Tim had been forthcoming with his dates, telling each of them he would have dates with other Thai ladies during his visit.  What had happened?

Thai love 2 Introduction Service

Finding True Thai Love Is Like A Gem That Should Be Treasured. Let Us Help You With Our Introduction Service.

An Introduction Service Can Teach You About The Different Set Of Rules

Tim used his western standards to plan his dating excursion to Thailand.  Unbeknownst to him, dating in Thailand plays by a different set of rules.  Without good advice from an introduction service you can be caught in a dating quagmire.  In this case it would have helped Tim to know Thai women generally don’t accept the Western standard of dating many people at the same time to find the right one.

Thai ladies, when they’ve chosen someone to date, will  focus solely on that person until they’ve determined the relationship is, or isn’t, worthwhile.  It’s a very different approach from the Western dating technique.  When Jeed agreed to meet Tim, Jeed went under the assumption Tim would treat her the same way she planned to treat him.  That is to say, Jeed expected Tim to focus solely on her.

Her Perspective

Tim had, after all, chosen her from among all the possibilities online.   Jeed considered it a significant honor to be chosen and the honor was magnified when Tim agreed Jeed would pick him up at the airport.  In Jeed’s mind, there was a significant relationship building already.

A great day together thus far had shown how Jeed how much chemistry Tim and her had and hope was building in her heart.  She was now fairly certain he wouldn’t want to meet any other ladies…and then …this!  It was a heart-breaking occurrence and try as she might she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.

Tim never intended to create drama and a weeping Thai beauty in front of him was ripping his heart apart.  He wondered how this came about.  What could he have done to avoid this mess? Our introduction service is there to avoid a confusion like this.

Know The Culture

I felt sad for Tim when he told me his story but I wasn’t surprised.  He couldn’t be expected to know the nuances of Thai culture with only a little bit of internet research and a plane ticket to Bangkok.  I was overjoyed to help him when he asked me and my introduction service for help.

On the phone all the way from England Tim told he’d been surprised how unprepared he was to deal with Thai culture on his first go-round but he wanted to give it another try.  So we signed Tim up, flew to him to Bangkok again and set up some dates for him.  We avoided the pitfalls of his first trip.

Keep It Simple

Tim was able to avoid endless online chats and trying to set up dates with people, that from a distance, he couldn’t be sure were right for him.

Our introduction service from ThaiLadyDatingEvents.Com picked him up at the airport and transferred him to his hotel.  We gave him a day to relax, fight off the effects of jet lag and prepare for his dates.  Then Tim met his first date, Sai.

Tim chose Sai from a list of profiles which fit his criteria for a perfect partner.  Sai, in turn, had seen Tim’s profile and agreed to meet him.  Sai fully understood Tim would have other dates that week and they would have the opportunity to meet again after their first date if there was mutual interest.

Success Of Our Introduction Service

Well, I’m happy to say, there was mutual interest!  After four dates Tim told us he very much wanted to see Sai again.  Sai was every bit as excited as Tim to meet again and their second date was better than the first.  Six months later Tim and Sai were married in a beautiful ceremony on the beach in Phuket!

I was overjoyed at having provided the opportunity for Tim and Sai to meet.  They were able to avoid the dangers of dating in a foreign country and just concentrate on meeting the right person.  I was as happy as the couple on their wedding date.  Well, almost as happy, if you know what I mean.

If Tim’s story is alluring to you, if you’d like to meet beautiful, professional Thai ladies without the hassle of trying to navigate unforeseen but significant cultural differences, then I’d be happy to hear from you.  Visit me at ThaiLadyDatingEvents.com.  Your future happiness could start now with our professional introduction service.