Three Big Reasons Why You Could Be An Irresistible Catch To A Gorgeous Thai Lady!

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There’s A Thai Lady Looking For You!

What Could Possibly Drive A Good Thai Lady Wild With Passion For Your Companionship?

There are attributes Western men possess which make them very attractive to Thai women. That’s why you can look into a Thai woman’s eyes and see them radiate desire for you. That’s why a Thai lady is likely to see you and dream of making you her husband.

What, you may ask, could possibly drive a good Thai lady wild with passion for your companionship? Is it money you ask? Don’t worry, you’re safe on that count.
There are three big reasons she’s attracted to you and none of them have a thing to do with money! Read on to discover these secrets of attraction.

 My Dream As Thai Lady

As a little girl I dreamed of the perfect relationship. I would find a handsome and devoted husband whom I would cherish and raise children with together. I knew as I grew up how important a solid relationship would be to me and to my greater family so when I introduced my soon to be husband to my parents and family they were so proud to see my dreams coming true.


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Nathamon As A Young Thai Girl

Unfortunately the fairytale soon turned into a nightmare. My Thai husband wasn’t at all loving and supportive. In fact, he was abusive. He took my love and support for him as unconditional. He assumed it would always be there. Meanwhile he played around with other women and he ignored me. When I tried to speak with him he hit me. I felt a sense of relief when the marriage finally dissolved. I knew there had to be something better out there.

As I spoke with other Thai girls I noticed a similar pattern in our relationships with Thai men. We were prepared to honor and adore out mates. Our male counterparts, on the other hand, didn’t view things the way we did. Thai men have for generations clung to the Thai tradition of taking 2nd wives and extra girlfriends. They see it as their birthright. A man with status and power should, in their eyes, have many women in their lives. It’s an antiquated custom which Thai women, for the most part, have moved on from. Thai men, however, still languish in the throes of the past.

Why A Western Man Is A Great Partner For A Thai Lady

I, like so many of my Thai sisters, realized that wonderful relationships could be found outside our culture. And we saw in Western men three great qualities which attracted us: They make devoted husbands, they are committed to their relationships, and they view marriage as a partnership.

Number 1: Devotion

Every woman wants a man who will be devoted to them. A devoted man will think about his wife’s welfare and try his best to make her happy. He will make thoughtful gestures of his love like bringing flowers home or driving her to the big sale at the market and he will look forward to spending quality time with her.

Thai ladies make excellent wives because they put their husbands before themselves in everything they do. As a western man your culture teaches you the importance of outwardly displays of affection. Your Thai girl is going to be there for you at every turn in your relationship. Your unfailing devotion to her is the reward she seeks.

Number 2: Commitment

What Thai ladies most assuredly do not want is a butterfly. A butterfly is the term used in Thailand for a man who flies from one flower to the next spreading his seed with no regard for the feelings of the flowers. In Thailand men think this is a show of their manhood. We Thai women love the idea of monogamy in relationships that is far more common in the Western view. After all, Westerners still call it “cheating” while most Thai guys don’t think of it in those terms. Thai women so badly just want to know they are your only desire. And we know you, as a Westerner, you understand how important commitment is to a relationship.

Number 3: Partnership

Finally, you are are desirable to Thai women because you see marriage as a partnership. In Western culture both parties to a marriage are expected to consult with each other on decisions, to support each other in their working lives and to actively participate in raising the family. They see marriage as a team game. We Thai ladies dream of a man like you!

A Thai Lady Means A Happy Life

Dating a Thai lady is a grand opportunity for you. You will truly be that knight in shining armor who rides to her rescue. She will cherish and adore you in a way you never would have thought possible. The love of the right Thai woman is something unparalleled in this world. You owe it to yourself to explore the possibility of a Thai partner.

Your Next Step

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