Finding an Honest Thai Bride – How NOT to Get Scammed at Thai Online Dating Sites

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The Dangers Of Finding A Thai Bride Online – Why You Should Choose ThaiLadyDatingEvents.Com

Thai Bride OR…Thai Groom?

It is widely accepted that the Internet has opened up many doors for people all over the world to buy, sell, obtain information and of course date that they never could have dreamed of. However unfortunately, it has also given the opportunity for millions of con artists to take advantage of people that do not even live in the same country as them, and their chances of being caught are less than in the real world.

How To Tell If She Is A Legitimate Thai Bride?

It can be difficult to tell the legitimate online dating sites from the bogus ones by just looking at them or even using them. They may look and navigate the same but this is exactly why the bogus sites are successful. The incidence of online dating scams with fake Thai brides is constantly rising and I am giving my tips as to how you can prevent yourself from falling into the online dating traps, some of which can end up costing you thousands of dollars and much avoidable heartache.

My Service To Help You To Find A Thai Bride!

Hi! I’m Nathamon and I have been working in the dating industry for a while and I am the owner of Meet Me Now Bangkok dating agency in Bangkok, Thailand. I work in partnership with, which operates a safe, fully secure system to try and counteract the immense fraud surrounding the online Thai dating industry. Meeting a Thai bride online can be fun, fulfilling and potentially life changing if you are careful and aware.

Advice #1 To Finding A Thai Bride Online:

My first piece of advice is make sure that before you even begin dating online, ensure that your computer is 100% secure and does not put you and your information at risk. Also make sure that you have a very personal, password that no one can guess. An easily calculated password could result in your account being seized and even worse, the hacker could use your details for ID theft also. Most free sites do not have any anti-fraud protection, so as appealing as it may sound that there is no charge, steer clear. Although the sites themselves may not be corrupt, scammers intoxicate them and use false identities to lure men to send them money.

Advice #2 To Finding A Thai Bride Online:

Another crafty and catastrophic trick targeted at innocent love seekers is the notorious phone scam. After speaking to a ‘nice’ lady online, she asks the man to call her on the phone. Once the number is dialed (usually a 1900 number), he is billed thousands of dollars!

Advice #3 To Finding A Thai Bride Online:

Other free sites use the temptation of a ‘free’ product to lure members who in reality end up working huge debts on their ‘credit systems’. Despite no registration fee or monthly payments, if contacting a woman, the user is charged. If contacting many women as most people do when they test the waters on a new site, or chatting back and forth with one special lady, bills can accumulate and at the end of the month you could be issued with a nasty and pricey shock.

Internet Scam Thai Bride

A Common Ground For Scammers – Posing As A Thai Bride

A site that does full checks on all its members such as is the only way to be completely sure that who you are talking to is genuine and honest. All of the women that want to have a profile on the site must give their full background histories regarding any criminal pasts, family and confirmation of marital status. The women are also met by me in the Bangkok office so I can completely confirm that they are who they say they are and that they look like they do in their pictures. We are so convinced that we know the women inside and out that if you meet a Thai bride in person and her credentials do not match up, or she does not look like her online pictures, then will reimburse you for all of your expenses of the trip including travel, accommodation and service fees.

If I haven’t convinced you enough to be safe and avoid the online STD’s, then I will leave you with a story of a friend of my husband’s. He had been alone for many years after his divorce and was looking for a companion to make him feel himself again. He met a Thai bride online on a free dating site. After months of chatting and what he thought was a real connection he invited her to come see him in Sydney. As she said that flights were much cheaper to book from Thailand he send her the money via Western Union so she could buy the ticket from Thailand. They planned the itinerary and he really thought that he had found the one. On the day of her proposed arrival she frantically emailed him saying that she had no phone and her visa was stuck in the airport and which could only be released with $2000. He believed her and sent the money. He is still waiting for her arrival and never heard from her again. These are the types of scams we help you avoid and the reason that you cannot just trust any old online Thai dating site! No other service offers this!! Visit and let us introduce you to a real, stunning Thai bride – one that we’ve met and verified and run extensive background checks on.