Thai Culture And Differences You MUST Know About When Dating a Thai Woman

Thai Culture

Thai Food Is An Integral Part Of Thai Culture.

Knowing About Thai Culture Can Be A Huge Advantage When Dating A Thai Woman

Cultural differences are one of the major factors that Western men much understand when dating Thai women.

Hi! I’m Nathamon, CEO of the Meet Me Now Bangkok Company, a full-service dating company catered to matching Western guys with Thai ladies. Despite living in Bangkok which is the most contemporary and developed city in Thailand, I still notice how different Thai culture is to the West, and the huge culture shock that Westerners get when they come here. Even me, who is from the South of Thailand find some of the customs, traditions and even dishes up in the North of the country completely foreign to me. So expect an exciting and insightful challenge, and go into Thai dating with an open mind as well as an open heart.

Thai Food And Thai Culture

The food in Thailand is very different to the burgers or pizzas that you may be used to back at home. Firstly be prepared for some spice in the kitchen as well as the bedroom. Thai cuisine places emphasis on light dishes with strong aromatic ingredients. It definitely takes some time for your delicate Western stomach to adjust to the new spices and flavors. After a few initial and delightful hours of inconspicuous stomach rumbles should get used to it and you can enjoy the mouth watering range of dishes that the country has to offer. Part of Thai culture includes that many Thai women are excellent cooks and take pride in cooking for their partners. Complimenting her on her culinary skills will make her exude joy. My favorite dishes that you should definitely try include Kaeng phet pet yang, which is roasted duck in a divine red curry and what my grandma makes best, Massaman curry. Ask your lady if she has any specialties of her own that you could taste.

On they can arrange for you to take part in fun activities with your date such as cooking. Relaxed setting like this enable you to get to know each other and allow her to show off for you in the kitchen and learn about Thai culture at the same time!

Thai Culture And Norms

There are some important conventions that you must be conscious of when dating a Thai woman. You may find them strange, however doing the wrong thing in certain social situations could prove to be embarrassing and extremely rude. Different parts of the body symbolize different things in Thai culture, with the feet being the dirtiest part of the body, and the head being the most sacred. It is seen as rude to point your feet at someone, put your feet up on a table or chair (yes even after a big meal and a newspaper) and especially to raise feet to a level or higher than someone else’s head. Your Thai date may even make a conscious effort not to point her feet at you when she stands or sits. Touching a Thai on the head is deemed extremely bad-mannered in Thai culture, and even though their mild temper may not reveal it, the person will be highly insulted. Do not even attempt to touch your date’s head area until you are sure that you have reached a certain level of intimacy. If meeting her family in particular older members, watch out even more closely to not touch their heads.

The Avoidance Of Physical Affection In Public Is Part Of Thai Culture

Do not be hurt by the fact that a Thai lady does not show you much physical affection in public. Thai women are very discreet in both their positive and negative emotions when out and about and you may notice that she even has more tenderness for her friends than you. Do not take it personally, it does not reflect anything on you or your relationship, she is just subtle and discreet as is seen fit in Thai culture.

Thai Culture And Money

How To Deal With Money Is Also Part Of Thai Culture.

Discussing royalty is something that you should steer clear of as the consequences can be greater than you could imagine. In Thailand talking bad or even joking about the king can land you up in jail and even so much as stepping on a coin with the king’s face on it can get you arrested. The national anthem is played twice a day (typically at 8am and 6 pm) and all people must stand in silence for it. Although you may find politics a fascinating topic to discuss with the locals and your Thai date, save such conversations for later in the relationship, and if you are meeting her family it is not wise to even bring up the topic.

Although these customs may seem extreme, do not spend all of your time in Thailand worried that you may offend people. We are a very laid back culture, and very tolerant of the fact that Western foreigners come from a very different culture to us. Your Thai date will try her best to make you feel at ease in her country, and will be more than happy to help you adjust to Thai culture.