Common Problems You May Experience With Your Thai Girlfriend

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Having A Beautiful Thai Girlfriend Is Special In Every Way.

Not only is a multi-cultural relationship exciting, passionate and in many cases very successful, a Thai girlfriend does bring with it some baggage that needs to be addressed to enable the idyllic life together that is completely possible.

I Nathamon from the Meet Me Now Bangkok dating agency in Bangkok, have helped many couples to understand each other and I believe that in fact facing problems and issues head on will only make your relationship stronger and enable you to appreciate each other wholly. Understanding and compassion is the key to any relationship.

What Are Some Common Issues A Western Man Can Face With His Thai Girlfriend?

One of the first issues that you will probably encounter once you are a couple, is the unfair stereotypes and stigmas that are placed upon Western men with a Thai girlfriend. If you have had a Thai girlfriend before, then you will have heard all of the insults already from both Westerners and Thais. Comments about your girlfriend only being with you for your money or you only being with her because she is the submissive Thai lady will have been hurtful and could have been destructive to your relationship. In fact, if you are dating women who you have met through a reputable source such as, many who have exuberant careers, and enough money to support themselves, they would be insulted at the thought that you would even consider her wanting you for your wallet. On the contrary, if a Western man is simply looking for an obedient wife, then he will be in for a shock, as despite a Thai girlfriend’s polite and amiable demure, she has just as many opinions and expectations as any other woman. So as hard as it is try not to let the ignorant opinions of others get in the way of you both. Remember there are only two people in the relationship!

The Dowry To Make Your Thai Girlfriend Your Thai Wife

An issue that arises with almost all Western/Thai relationships is the couples stance on dowry or in Thai, Sinsot. If things are getting serious with your Thai girlfriend, the idea of marriage will probably have popped into your head. A dowry is a tradition that although is long gone in Western countries, it is still a part of most marriages in Thailand. The bride’s family will expect an amount of money to be given to them which is often showcased at the wedding itself. The dowry request comes as quite the bombshell to the romantic engagement that many men had perceived, but it is something that you need to work out your stance on.

How much you give is flexible, however the right amount that you feel comfortable with as well as how much the family expects must be in sync for everyone to be happy. You must be aware that your Thai girlfriend’s family will always be a huge part of her life, as family in Thailand is the most important thing. Getting on with your Thai girlfriend’s family is crucial to your happiness and peace as a couple, as it is most likely that they will be around a lot. Showing them respect and making an effort to be kind and generous with them will really help to form a bond and for them to accept you.

Thai girlfriend

Knowledge Is The Key To Your Thai Girlfriend’s Heart.

Understanding Your Thai Girlfriend…Learn Her Language!

Language is another big predicament in a Western/Thai relationship. Firstly you must keep in mind that you are in her country, so it is in fact you that is the foreigner. In my opinion, this issue can be terribly frustrating at the beginning, but in the case of my husband and I, it became a bonding experience. There was something magical about having a physical and spiritual connection without many words. However after time, and things became more serious between us, we needed to be able to communicate better. Many Thai women do not speak English ver well, and very few Western men speak any Thai! Although the educated and intelligent women that you can meet on will probably speak English well the site is soon to offer women an e-learning English program which will help them to learn even more, and make your English conversations easier. Learning Thai would not only enable you to get closer to your Thai girlfriend (and understand what her friends say about you) but also if you are planning on living in Thailand it will truly make you feel more at home. Her family would also definitely appreciate your efforts especially her older relatives who would probably not speak a word of English. Making the effort to learn Thai would prove to your girlfriend how serious you are about her.

With dedication to each other, and a lot of love, there is no reason why a relationship between a Thai girlfriend and a Western man cannot work and flourish into something really special and lifelong.