Best Gifts To Buy For Your Thai Wife

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How To Make Your Thai Wife Happy – Buy Her A Gift!

A Thai Wife Is Subtle And Understated, However, Like All Women We Love To Be Spoiled

Postage to Thailand is very reliable and many online gift stores ship straight there. I am Nathamon and despite being successful and the CEO of the Meet Me Now Bangkok Company (a full-service dating company that caters to helping Western guys to find an spectacular and honest Thai wife), I love to be treated like a real lady; wined and dined. I have taken the pleasure in putting together some of the things that are on my wish-list and I am sure that many other Thai women would be equally thrilled as me to receive any of these gifts. (If you would like to send them to me however I wouldn’t say no, hee hee!)

What Gifts Does Your Thai Wife Like?

Gift Idea#1 For Your Thai Wife – Stuffed pillows:

Thai women love stuffed pillows in all different shapes, colors and sizes. We are very feminine and my bedroom is covered with squishy cushions whether they be fluffy, heart shaped or silky. A pillow as a gift is an understated and cute statement of a man’s affection especially if she doesn’t have you to hug.

Gift Idea#2 For Your Thai Wife – Stuffed toys:

Thai women are not afraid to show their childish side and they will be over the moon to receive a giant teddy or stuffed tiger. There are whole big stores specifying completely on big stuffed animals in Thailand. Hello Kitty is another favorite in the gifts department where you can find anything from cosmetics to bedspreads with the Hello Kitty designs.

Gift Idea#3 For Your Thai Wife – Accessories:

We Thai women go crazy for our accessories. Whether it be for the hair, costume jewelery, belts or nail art we love to glam up an outfit with extras. They don’t have to be expensive, as it is fashionable to wear cheap accessories. the cuter the better, just find out your lady’s favorite colors or shapes.

Gift Idea#4 For Your Thai Wife – Cell Phone Accessories:

We are completely obsessed with our cell phones. Constantly looking for the newest models, like our clothes we love to cover our technological babies with crystals, charms and covers. Then of course we need a case to put it in! We change them often and we can never have enough designs to decorate them with.

Gift Idea#5 For Your Thai Wife – Bags:

Like most women on earth, Thai women love purses and handbags. Purses are not expensive in Thailand, so if you are visiting or live here and want to buy your Thai lady a gift, you can’t go wrong with a nice purse. Alternatively there are some great websites with tons of bags to choose from which could enable you to send her a surprise in the post. It doesn’t matter the color, pattern or style she will love it! I have too many purses for my own good, but I am always happy to have more. Add a little wallet inside as an extra little special gift.

Gift Idea#6 For Your Thai Wife – Scarves:

Scarves are the perfect accent to any outfit and really make us feel chic, feminine and sophisticated. I would love to open a box to find a flowing silk scarf. Either to keep us warm or simply for the sake of fashion, a silk scarf is a sensual and romantic gift.

Gift Idea#7 For Your Thai Wife – Flowers:

What woman would not love a bouquet of flowers. Feminine, beautiful and delicious smelling, flowers can never be a wrong choice. Flowers are not so expensive in Thailand, so you can astound her with a huge arrangement without breaking the bank. You can also combine a bouquet with a cuddly toy or pillow for an even more extravagant treat.

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Running Out Of Ideas? You Can Always Buy Flowers For Your Thai Wife!

Gift Idea#8 For Your Thai Wife – Korean Soap Operas:

Lots of Thai women love watching Korean soap operas. There are tons of seasons and we love nothing more especially during the monsoon season than sitting on our beds with chocolate and our pillows, watching them over and over.

Gift Idea#9 For Your Thai Wife – Food:

Do not let our petite frames fool you, we Thai women love our food, and being taken to one of the many beautiful restaurants is a real treat. If you are in Bangkok together, take her to the prestigious Sala Rim Naam for a really special meal for you both. Enjoy this prestigious dining experience which is part of the Oriental Hotel whilst watching traditional Thai dance. Alternatively as presents send us tamarind candy, Thai snacks or fruit baskets.

Gift Idea#10 For Your Thai Wife – Chocolate:

Chocolate is a relatively new delicacy in Thailand, however in recent years it has become very popular, and don’t forget that it acts as a strong aphrodisiac! Dark chocolate is particularly scrumptious!

We are basically easily pleased and not fussy about gifts, but I am sure that these ideas would make your Thai lady smile. A token of your love and affection can never go a miss however it is the kindness and care of the person that the gifts came from that really matters to your Thai wife.