You Can Do Fun Activities In Thailand – Release Your Inner Adventurer!

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Going On Holidays And Looking For Activities In Thailand?

There Hundreds Of Fun And Exciting Activities In Thailand!

Thailand is often referred to as the “Land of 1,000 Smiles.” While traditionally this refers to the smiling people and colorful culture, it also can mean the hundreds of fun and exciting activities in Thailand. There’s a huge variety of activities, from the beach to jungle, that wow and amaze tourists and locals alike. Remember that Thailand is not only Bangkok and Phuket. Thailand is a safe country with lots of potential for exploration and closer contact with small resorts and villages that offer many fun.

There Are Enlightening Activities In Thailand That Will Make Your Stay Magical, If Not Life-Changing!

Elephant-riding is one of the fun and safe activities in Thailand to be closer to nature and to get to know these beautiful and majestic animals. Most elephant farms will have a few elephants that are highly trained and have been with their owners since birth. Elephants are not exactly what you’d expect. They are big and slow moving with prickly, tough hides. Thai elephant riding centers will saddle up the elephant with a big seat that can fit up to four people. You can ride the elephant by climbing up on a big ladder and hopping on its back while your “driver” sits on top of the elephant’s head. Then you can take a jungle walk through a thick forest or an open field, and this usually lasts about an hour. Finally, don’t forget to get a photograph to remember your experience and to show to family and friends.

Fun Activities In Thailand: Jungle Resorts

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It’s One Of The Adventurous Activities in Thailand: To Take An Elephant ride!

Jungle resorts are areas of the jungle that are established by Thais to offer a playground for grown-ups in the middle of nature. Dotted throughout with activities in Thailand, people come from all over the world and settle in bungalows in the middle of the jungle. There is usually a big river with giant swings, cove diving, and swimming freely and safely. In nighttime, Thailand bodies of water and especially the ocean house a rare type of plankton that glow green when the water is activated by movement. Sailors used to believe the water was harboring ghosts because they would see their ships glow green as they passed through the South China Seas. In reality it is a simple chemical reaction to the kinetic energy of anything passing over the tiny plankton in the water where they live. Seeing this at nighttime is magical, especially when you are swimming. At these jungle resorts there is also plenty of delicious Thai cuisine made fresh on the sport and even open bars with local beers to sample. Mingle with locals and foreigners and stay for as little as a weekend or as long as a week. Most of these resorts also play live or DJ music for most of the day for a truly lively atmosphere.

What Else Can You Do When You Are Looking For Activities In Thailand?

Health spas are frequent in Thailand and are a must for any traveler wanting a full Thai experience. Thai massage is a particular sort of massage designated to Thailand that involves the entire body’s muscular systems. Rather than simply lie on your stomach as in traditional massage, Thai massage has you stretching, bending, and really appreciating all the ways in which you store up tension and energy during the day, really letting you soothe and relax your whole body. There are many spas in Thailand, in fact most of them, that offer this sort of massage.

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Activities In Thailand: Phuket – One Of The Many Holiday Destinations

In addition to massage, there are also natural herbal treatments and mud baths that are particular to Thailand because of the rare availability of all sorts of rare plants, minerals and flowers that make for excellent homeopathic medicine. An herbal steam bath or mineral mud treatment can leave your entire body refreshed and energized with a gentle guidance and attention to detail that is truly the Thai way.

Many spas also offer special dieting and fasts that you can do in a group. The purpose of a group detox fast is to allow yourself to experience a fast with the support and connection of a group who is just as interested in connecting to their purer selves and becoming healthier, flushing away all those dirty toxins. Fasts begin with a fruit and vegetable diet for two days, and then shakes can contain such exotic ingredients as volcanic ash and mandrake root, normally unhealthy alone but extremely cleansing in the specially prepared mixtures of an expert homeopathic practitioner. These fasts last about a week and leave those that complete feeling younger, healthier and cleaner than when they began.

Thai resorts also offer plenty of yoga, water sports, and even muay Thai boxing classes. Another popular class to take up is Thai cooking, or even become a certified Thai masseuse yourself! Any of these skills is a great way to enhance your skill set to bring into your life or community.