Living In Thailand – What You Need to Know

Living in Thailand

Living In Thailand With Your Thai Woman Is One Of The Biggest Steps In Your Life.

So You Want To Be Living In Thailand?

Are you thinking about it and maybe need a bit more information? In both cases, good for you! This article will help clear some things up about living in Thailand. Thailand offers ’round the clock attractions, great people, beautiful views and exotic beaches, who wouldn’t want to live in this type of paradise? There are some things you should learn before taking this big step.

There Is A Very Diverse Community Of Expats Living In Thailand

You will find people who have come because of retirement, business, or even studies. You will basically meet all types of people coming from all four corners of the globe. There really isn’t one reason why so many people tend to immigrate to Thailand; the one basic reason is that you can allow yourself to live a comfortable and relaxing lifestyle without paying so much money.

If you want to apply for a permanent residency for living in Thailand, you will need to contact the Thai Immigration Bureau and request for a residential permit.

Something important to keep in mind is that only one hundred people from each country can apply for residency for living in Thailand per year.
There are some setbacks you may have to face immigrating to and living in Thailand, owning land here is quite difficult and receiving a visa can be a challenge but if you’re up for it and meet the criteria then you can find yourself relaxing at the beach faster than you think… The bad news: You will not be able to be living in Thailand if you have a criminal record, have serious health conditions, have broken Thai immigration laws, if you have been deported in the past, if you do not possess enough money and/or if you are perceived as being a threat in some way to Thailand.

Some quick things to keep in mind:

Living In Thailand Visa

A Visa For Living In Thailand Is One Of The Things You Need.

How much will you spend?
Living in Thailand is a lot cheaper than other counter around the world. Of course it all depends where you want to be living in Thailand. You decide to reside because prices will change depending on the area. Either way, you will still maintain a lower costing lifestyle then you would in any many other countries. Food is very inexpensive; you will find good cuisine and pay peanuts for it. You will come to see that eating out tends to be much cheaper then actually staying in and cooking. It’s a fact that most Thai’s eat out – it’s an element of the culture.

The main language in Thailand is Thai. You will hear also Chinese, Lao, Khmer and Malay. Do not be discouraged, English is a very common language spoken here due to all of the tourists.

Most of the time it is hot and very humid and monsoons (heavy rains) tend to arrive July to November – depending upon where in the country you are.

Working in Thailand:
Yes, it’s possible to find work in Thailand. Most of the work is through internet companies. It is known that many expats come to Thailand to open their own business or to teach English.

Healthcare in Thailand:
The health care in Thailand is actually very surprising and inexpensive, however pharmacies and hospitals are actually known to over-prescribe drugs, so even the simplest ailment like a common cold will actually give you a prescriptions of over five different medications, so just make sure you know exactly what you are taking before you take it.

Extra miscellaneous information:
Thai people have a thing for double or even triple parking. They even just leave their car in the neutral gear and take off. You can even find yourself having to push the blocked car out of the way. Foreigners are often held accountable when it comes to car accidents and expect to be blamed for the accident with a common saying: “If you had not been living in Thailand this accident would have never happened. ” What can you do? 🙂

Money For Living In Thailand Thai girl

You Will Need One Thing When Living In Thailand: Money!

Your landlord must pay property tax which is 12.5 percent. You may find that your landlord wants you to pay this so you should always check before you sign the lease. Try to negotiate so that all taxes are included in the rent.

If you hear the word “Farang” said to your face. It means “foreigner” and yes, they are talking to you and will use that term instead of addressing you by your first name. It’s a cultural thing and is not an offense term.

The people of Thailand are never joking around when it comes to their government. The people from Thailand are very religion oriented and are very proud of their Buddhist or Hindu beliefs.
Be careful never to be heard talking badly about it because you may find yourself in an unwanted and unintended situation. When living in Thailand respect is a big part of Thai culture, don’t forget that.

If you are middle aged or retired and want to live an easy going lifestyle living in Thailand will be perfect for you. Many men who retire in Thailand find that they don’t need to spend their time alone, and that doesn’t mean paying for someone to spend time with you… There are many serious-minded Thai women that are interested in meeting Western men.