How to Meet Thai Singles Who Are Looking For Marriage

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Many Western men that come to Thailand reap the benefits of the red light district in Bangkok. For those of you that are looking for real, life-long companions and deep, meaningful relationships there are certain things that you need to do so that you are not labeled as yet another sleazy tourist.

Hi! I am Nathamon the owner of Meet Me Now Bangkok dating agency in Thailand. Every day men come into my office asking if I can provide them with a night of secret fun. Many are already married, on trips with friends or simply think that Thai singles are all prostitutes and bar girls as that is what they have seen on TV or on seedy porn sites online. These men are instantly told by me in no uncertain terms to get lost, as my agency works to match people together who are looking for true love and lasting relationships.

Thai Singles Or Thai Shingles?

If looking for a lady online, you must be careful and protect yourself against fraud and scams which are rife amongst dating sites. Thai singles are very prudent about talking about sex and intimacy, so if you find yourself chatting to a lady online and she begins making sexual references or exposes herself in photos or on a web cam, then it is highly unlikely that she is looking for a serious relationship with you, let alone marriage. Taking note of this, do not make sexual jokes or innuendos to her either, as an average self respecting Thai single lady who is looking for marriage would take great insult and would most probably not want to speak to you again. I work with which is a completely secure and safe site where genuine Western men in search of ‘the one’ can get to know trustworthy and honest Thai ladies through chat, email and hopefully if things go well in person.

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Although the site does not push marriage, it does specify that all members should be looking for a serious and long term relationship many of which do in fact lead to marriage. The Thai singles on the site are verified through full security background checks, and are met by me personally in the office for confirmation of their photos and intentions. The women on are genuine and looking to commit their lives to the right man. If you meet Thai singles online and want to meet her in person, will organize everything for you once you are in Thailand. They are aware that as intense as long distant relationships can become through chat and even over the phone, it is impossible to know that people will be compatible until they meet in person. Therefore they offer Personalized Dating Events so that men can meet with a number of different women whilst they are in Thailand.

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If you are in Thailand make sure to stay away from the red light district areas of Bangkok, as this is probably the worst area that you could go to find a loving, honest woman who wants you for the right reasons. Do not be fooled by the charade that prostitutes display, as they know exactly how to fool a Western man into thinking that they are interested in a relationship with them. Relations with them usually ends with the man being empty pocketed and feeling humiliated and rejected. Bangkok is an exciting and vibrant city and it is great to get around by foot, but be aware when walking around that you do not accidentally find yourself in the wrong places that will make you prime target for the wrong kind if girls. If somewhere is called a Go Go Bar, then do not go in. This is basically a strip club and prostitute hangout. These can be found in Patpong, Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP) and Soi Cowboy. If the place doesn’t have pole dancers, then I call it a “beer bar”, or a pool hall or restaurant. These still has the same rules of a go-go bar with full time employees who make the majority of their money from selling sex. These can be found at Queens Park Entertainment Complex, Washington Square and also Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP).

Basically if you are looking for marriage, avoid these areas especially at night. Any lady smiling at you outside a prostitution area will probably not have sex on her mind at all, just like in any other country, and she may be a nice lady to say hi to.
Learning some Thai would really help you meet some great Thai singles both online and in if you are physically in Thailand, as it would not only impress the ladies, but also would enable you to interact with more women.