How to Understand Your Thai Girlfriend

Thai Girlfriend

Are You Looking For A Thai Girlfriend?

So You Found A Thai Girlfriend And Then…

If you have spent time here in Thailand, you will have noticed that us Thai women are very different from Western women in almost every way from how we dress to our favorite meals.

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Connecting The Dots Between Western Men And Their Thai Girlfriend

I have made it my quest in life to make people find love, as there is nothing better in the world to me than seeing two people meet and sparks fly! With multi-cultural relationships, the main barrier that I have seen is misunderstanding. Although a challenge, if you are willing to put in the time and effort, then you can make your relationship flourish and truly last.

What Are The Things You Need To Consider With Your Thai Girlfriend?

Firstly the most obvious obtrusion in a relationship with a Thai girlfriend is the language. Sitting under the moonlight having a candlelit dinner whilst whispering sweet nothings into her ear, only to realize that she has no clue what you are talking about is disconcerting to say the least. You must bear in mind that this frustrating issue is one that all Western/Thai couples go through and believe it or not it can be conquered. The Thai women that you will meet on reputable sites such as our site, will most probably speak relatively good English, as most are educated, intelligent and determined. The site stresses to the ladies the importance of English and many have studied or are currently studying the language.

Teaching English To Your Thai Girlfriend

We also plan to offer English learning programs on their e-store which will enable women to brush up on their English before you meet. As daunting as it may sound, learning Thai would be a great benefit to your relationship, not only for you, but your girlfriend would appreciate your efforts and it would really show her how much you cared. Also in terms of her family, knowing some Thai would prove very useful and would definitely put you in their good books!

Understand The Culture That Your Thai Girlfriend Lives In

Culture is obviously another factor that you must always be aware of when dating a Thai lady. Thai culture is completely contrasting to Western culture, and doing research before you go would really be to your advantage to avoid embarrassing and awkward moments. one example is where and what you can do with certain body parts. No, I do not mean anything crude, however to Thais, the feet are seen as the dirtiest part of the body, and just like you would not flash your bottom in someone’s face, Thais would feel the same about if you were to do that with your feet.

Basic Do’s And Don’ts Can Avoid Conflict With Your Thai Girlfriend Early On

It is thought of as rude to bring your feet to a level higher than someone else’s head or to point with your feet. A really proper Thai will even try not to point her feet at you while she stands or sits, and putting your feet up on the table whilst you sit is out of the question. The head is seen as the most sacred part of the body, so as hard as it may be not to run your fingers through her silky hair, refrain from touching your Thai girlfriend’s head until you are sure that she is comfortable with it. Thais smile when they are happy, embarrassed, uncertain, wrong, annoyed or furious, and generally will smile for any occasion. Very subtle with their emotions, a Thai lady is more than what she seems, which makes getting to know her even more exciting and intriguing.

Your Thai Girlfriend And Her Religion

Thai Girlfriend And Buddha

Your Thai Girlfriend And Her Religion

Religion is very important in Thailand and 95% of the population are practicing Buddhists. Reading up on Buddhism could really show your Thai girlfriend that you truly care about the parts of her life that are important to her. It is a fascinating religion and it could prove to be some engaging reading and would definitely help you to understand more about your girlfriend’s choices in life and what has made her who she is. To many, Buddhism goes beyond religion and is more of a philosophy and way of life. It is a philosophy because philosophy ‘means love of wisdom’ and the Buddhism encompasses the basic ideas of leading a moral life, being mindful and aware of thoughts and actions, and developing wisdom and understanding. If you choose to, such ideologies encompassed into your new life with your girlfriend can give you whole new outlooks and possibilities.

Keep in mind that your Thai girlfriend will have grown up in a very different setting to you. It is most probable that she does not know who won American Idol last year or have any ideas about who might have killed JFK. On the contrary she would be shocked that you don’t know who the singer Jintara Poonlarp is. Don’t see these differences as barriers. Learn from your Thai girlfriend and expand your horizons together and a strong bond can form!