Looking for a Thai Wife and NOT a Scam? Learn What Websites to Avoid!

Thai Wife Scam

Do You Want To Find A Honest And Trustworthy Thai Wife? Don’t Fall For The Scams!

Finding Your Thai Wife – Without The Pitfalls Of All The Scams

Hi! I’m Nathamon Madison, the CEO of Meet Me Now Bangkok, a dating agency that has introduced many happy Western men to their Thai Wife. Most of the Western men that meet Thai ladies do so online, and I am sad to say that unfortunately there are more bogus sites than honest. Made up of fictitious girls, who’s profile pictures have been pinched off sites such as MySpace and Facebook make up much of their clientele, and in reality are crooks working from countries often not even in Asia (many are based out of West Africa) who aim to target honest men in search of love and take their money.

How To Identify The ‘Thai Wife Scam’?

Thailand Private Investigators have seen a dramatic rise in online fraud and Thailand dating scams all over the country. Stories of poverty stricken families in need of money and large site deposits are all too common. One of these victims was a man who came to me last year who had been speaking to a lady for over 3 months online. They had sent each other pictures, and he had revealed many personal aspects about himself. One day ‘she’ explained to him that her mother had been in an accident and needed emergency treatment for the price of 300,000 Bhat (nearly 10,000 dollars). Frantically worried about this family (which he now felt connected to), he sent her the money. He never heard from her again and was left broke, with a broken heart.

Is She An Honest Woman Looking To Become Your Thai Wife Or Just A Scammer?

Make sure not to fall prey to these villains and find yourself a genuine, honest lady who you can live a long and happy life with. After a long time in the industry, and meeting many casualties of the scam dating industry, I have learnt a few tricks to find the good and dismiss the bad and the ugly am I am going to reveal these tactics to you.
Firstly there are some major scams when looking for a Thai wife that you must be aware of and steer well clear if anything sounds familiar to any of the following:

Thai Wife Scam #1.-  Travel Scam:

The lady says that she must go overseas and requests that you pay for her expenses. Most likely she (or he or whoever it is) is not going anywhere and probably isn’t even in Thailand in the first place.

Thai Wife Scam #2.- Prostitute Scam:

The lady has a provocative user name and pictures and conversation quickly leads to that of a sexual nature. Mostly prostitutes are quite obvious with their intentions, and it is the more discreet women that are the most dangerous. Any woman who talks about sex is either not a real person or a prostitute, as an average Thai woman is very self respectful and discreet about issues of an intimate nature. A mainstream Thai lady is usually monogamous by her very nature.

Thai Wife Scam #3.-  Phone Scam:

After speaking online, your online lady friend requests to speak to you on the phone. She tells you to call a (1900) number and you are subsequently charged hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Thai Wife Scam #4.-  Nigerian Postal Scam:

The person pretends that they need help with a financial transaction (which of course does not in fact exist).

Sincere Thai Wife

Sincere Or Not We Can Help You To Find An Honest And Trustworthy Thai Wife.

Free websites are full of rogues and con artists who use the sites as a platform to find vulnerable men to bleed money out of. Most of the free sites do not have anti-fraud protection, making even basic checks such as which country the user’s computer is situated in impossible. To me background checks are the most important element to telling whether a site is honest. I would highly recommend a site that works with an actual agency in Thailand such as thailadydatefinder.com who work with my agency Meet Me Now Bangkok.

Not only do we specify full background checks on all their members including details such as work and family histories, confirmation of marital status and criminal checks, but all of the potential women are met personally by my staff at the agency in Bangkok and they confirm that their photo matches their pictures on the profile online. It must be taken account of that it has become to fashion for many Asian women to have professional photo shoots done for their dating profiles. On non checking sites, many of these ladies are in fact being highly misleading, with airbrushing and photo-shopping being a common addition to the pictures.

Do not compromise your emotional or financial safety by being swept up in a cyber love affair. In online dating, mystery and fraud go hand in hand so being careful and aware points you in the right direction to finding true love online. Also remember that any genuine, honest Thai wife will be more than happy to have a history check done, as she will have absolutely nothing to hide.