Jobs for Expats in Thailand… Beyond Just Teaching English

Expats in Thailand

Expats in Thailand: Do You Want To Live With Your Thai Lady And Work In Thailand? Professionals Of All Kinds Are Dearly Looked For In Thailand.

There Is An Entire Community Of Expats In Thailand That Are Working Or Looking For Work.

Working as expat in Thailand presents significant professional growth capabilities.The emerging market status of Thailand in Southeast Asia provides a lot of opportunities to find great work beyond just teaching English. However, it is not a great place to expect to earn a wonderful salary if you are starting you career there. On the other hand, for those with a good CV, it can be an incredible growth opportunity to have a wonderful lifestyle and also enjoy the work you are doing.

It is worth it to ask your company if they have any connections in Thailand or will consider relocating you there because the job market is so saturated with foreigners that want to live the Thai lifestyle. Notwithstanding, there are separately a plethora of job in the gas and oil industries there considering the possibilities in the Gulf of Thailand. So many expats in Thailand are looking to independently relocate, that the competition has been brought up to a new level where the workforce is not only hard working, but diligent about growing.

So, What Jobs Are Available For Expats In Thailand Aside From Teaching English?

Granted that you can provide the government with what they believe to be a legitimate reason for requesting a work or resident visa? Plenty! This list will help you build some ideas about employment in Thailand if you want to relocate:

Jobs For Expats in Thailand In Tourism And Hospitality

This industry is booming, to say the least. There are hotels that rival the top hotels in the West in terms of luxury, service and standards. This means that anyone who has a background in the restaurant, hotel and spa industry has an immediate possibility of becoming gainfully employed in Thailand:
• Chefs can bring their culinary skills to entrepreneurs that are looking for cuisine to suit the Western palate, and also hotels that are adamant about keeping their reputations at the top level of offering gastronomic experiences to compete with other vacations spots on a global scale.
• Masseuses and Cosmeticians can certainly find spas that are looking to build their staff with Westerners that make other foreigners feel at home while being ar away from their country of origin.
• Service Staff and Management is always needed in hotels and restaurants to keep the service standards at expectations and also to refine and improve the best practices.

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Are You And Expat In Thailand?

Expats In Thailand Working As Economists
The Thai exchange market is only growing as a result of tourism in numerous capacities, and resultantly there is a need for classically trained economists and financiers to take advantage of the financial growth opportunities and train the locals to understand how to take advantage of the financial opportunities always available. Private firms are always looking to grow their staff with well-trained and experienced financiers and bankers.

Expats In Thailand As Medical Professionals
Anyone interested in Thailand as a real prospect for relocation know that the medical tourism sector is massive and known to be some of, if not the best in the world. This is not limited to doctors and dentists although it is definitely a place for them. Doctors that specialize in cosmetic surgery are always being requested as so many foreigners travel to Thailand for the quality of care coupled with the cheap prices. Furthermore, Lasik Eye surgery is chiefly requested in Thailand as well, in fact there are “eye hospitals” that exist almost exclusively to handle such cases. Those in the dental arena will also find themselves with numerous offers as the tourism for implants, extraction and cosmetic dentistry is growing so quickly that solid, Western-trained doctors are always in request. This is not an opportunity to be missed, and maybe the best option for relocation.

Expats In Thailand Working As Professors
Thailand as a growing world market is set on training their locals to participate in the modern world. This being said, there are universities that are looking to bring English-speaking staff onto their faculty in order to compete with other Asian countries that are getting a lot of foreign students doing semester and even full degrees abroad. Thailand has started developing a program to try and receive foreign students better, similar to the way India, Japan and China are doing. The realization has become clear that the economic, oil, technology, medical services and healthcare markets are being exploited by the global markets and they are not getting what they believe to be their share in that.

Expats in Thailand Working As Professional Liaisons and Translators
If you can speak Thai, you are far ahead of most expats in Thailand who exist there mostly in English. Because of this, they are reliant on people to handle bureaucracy for them and the paperwork that comes with it. Taxes, visas, travel arrangement, etc. are all less available to Westerners the way they often need it to be.