Top 10 Locations For Dating in Thailand

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Are You Not Sure About Dating In Thailand? No Better Place For A Romantic Holiday Than The Beach!

Dating In Thailand With The Perfect Weather And The Breezy, Flowing Vibe

It is no wonder that Thailand has become one of the most remarkable places to rekindle or start a romantic relationship.

There are endless little beaches and coves throughout this southeast Asian picture of tropical paradise, but a few places stand out above the rest. Some of them are a day trip and others are getaways more suited for a weekend, but no matter what these places are sure to strike the Casablanca inside you.

1. Ko Samui – The First Choice When You Start Dating In Thailand

Ko Samui looks like its right out of a postcard – a perfect example for dating in Thailand. It is a large island in the Gulf of Siam and has beaches that rival any in the world, waterfalls and swaying coconut trees that set the mood for a perfect date. Angthong National Park provides you with opportunities to take your date kayaking, exploring, diving, swimming, snorkeling or just sitting on the beach and getting tan. There are restaurants and also beach huts that you can eat and sleep in, and the sunsets against the backdrop of plant-covered boulders sets the perfect mood for a perfect date.

2. Krabi – An Exceptional Place For Dating In Thailand

Less busy that Phuket and Samui, this mainland beachside town is the perfect place for couples to relax in any of the beachside huts from which the dramatic landscape of the Andaman bay and its cliffs can be appreciated. The water is crystal-clear and the locals tend to be more laid back here as well. There are great day trips from here, including secluded beaches and snacks along the way.

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Do You Like The View? It’s Just A Glimpse Of What Your Future When You’re Dating In Thailand.

3. Phuket – You Can’t Get Around Phuket If You’re Dating In Thailand

The largest, and maybe the most famous of Thailand’s islands has everything to offer from ultimate luxury spas and hotels to cheap local culture. The beaches leave nothing to be desired, and one can enjoy a massage, yoga classes, reiki, and spa treatments that are some of the best in the world. The resorts here are top-notch with the ultimate in decadence that include first class dining experiences and nighttime entertainment ranging from shows to dancing to classy cocktails. Fall in love with the place and fall in love with your partner.

4. Chiang Mai – A Perfect Place For Dating In Thailand
Spend some time taking in the history of Thailand, rich with food and culture that echoes the past. Ancient temples that rival any in the east will take your breath away, while the more modern boutique-style shopping is a draw for anyone looking to bring back a little Thailand with them. The bustling street life is pulsing with an energy that seeps into everyone; this is a great place to explore with a partner and find hidden gems and treasures of culture along the way.

5. Kao Yai – Our Choice For Dating In Thailand
Rent a car for the day and take a trip to Kao Yai, where there mountainous terrain gives a nice respite from the beach-heavy trips to Thailand. Rafting here is not to be missed, and along the way you can stop at any of the rural villages to enjoy their little pockets of a unique way of life. You can enjoy the largest nation park in the entire country or make a few stops along the way at some of the wineries for tastings.

6. Similan Islands
Off the west coast of Thailand is a series of nine islands, with the Similan Islands being the ultimate place to snorkel or scubadive in the coves. The marine life here boast reefs that make this a must-see place and perfect for a romantic getaway. Further to the daytime activities, there are bungalows on the beach that let you relax and fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves and not much else.

7. Ko Lipe
One of the few places left without mega-sized luxury resorts is reason enough to make the trip to Ko Lipe. Unique to this place is the jungles that provide what seems like endless terrain to discover with a partner.

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There are many places to go with your Thai lady.

8. Ko Laoliang
Ignite your athletic, adventurous spirit and make the trip here for world-class rock climbing. The Limestone rockfaces jut out of the crystal blue waters where most want for nothing except for the day to never end. This is a perfect way to get your adrenaline pumping with come good company.

9. Ko Kood
The closest place to Cambodia in all of Thailand has some tropical environs that seem out of a fairytale. The natural beauty stays pristine here as the lush, green landscape is governed less heavily than the rest of the country. The local culture has not been tarnished by overactive tourism, so this place stands as an ultimate way to see nature with someone special.

10. Ko Chang
The closest island to Bangkok is also one of the country’s most beautiful. Snorkeling, trekking, swimming and delicious foods are in full swing here, and the trip from Bangkok is only a few hours.