The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Retire In Thailand Reasons 6-10

Thai Girl Retire in Thailand

A Beautiful Thai Girl – What Other Reason Do You Need To Retire In Thailand?

Can I Really Retire In Thailand?

When you think of retirement, what do you picture? I imagine it’s someplace warm. Someplace with lots of relaxing activities like swimming and golf and beautiful places to walk. Of course you want a great home and maybe even a beautiful and loving Thai woman to share it with.

You’ll want to be close to the grocery store, the mall and restaurants. And, no doubt, you’ll want to keep aware of cultural activities as you spend more of your time in leisure. Have you considered having a house-keeper? It’s possible if you retire in Thailand where your pension money goes a lot further than back in your home country.

Can I Really Really Retire In Thailand?

An alternative retirement that cuts costs and increases quality is a practical option for someone who is divorced or single and willing to give themselves the calm and happiness they deserve. It’s unfortunate but many people have over-looked Thailand as a retirement location despite it’s ever-growing popularity. Maybe it’s time you gave Thailand a serious look.

To get you thinking here are reasons 6-10 of my top ten reasons you should retire in Thailand: (Look back at a previous blog to see reasons 1-5)

6. Absolutely Delicious Food!

Thai food is revered the world over for its harmonic balance of the five major flavors: salty, spicy, sweet, bitter and sour. Thai food is so delicious that after a week in Thailand eating anything but Thai food just doesn’t feel right. Fruit is fresh and abundant, and dishes are creative and highly edible. For good food there isn’t any place quite like Thailand.

Happy Man Retire In Thailand

Stop Dreaming About Your Thai Girl And Make Her Your Reality And Retire In Thailand.

7. Women Are Feminine And Genuine!

In the West women are often demanding and hot-headed with their words and actions. In Thailand, women are still raised to be demure and elegant. Western men find it quite appealing to see the majority of women in a role that is pleasing and calming to any man lucky enough to retire in Thailand!

8. Happiness Is Paramount!

Thailand is a place where to be happy is to be doing your job. There’s a huge amount of tolerance for every person so long as they are content with themselves and their life path. Foreigners are no exception, and people will be genuinely glad to see you happy and enjoying yourself while you retire in Thailand.

9. Perfect Weather!

Thailand has two seasons: wet and dry. There’s really no such thing as bad weather. It is simply hot or hot and wet. The weather makes it perfect for Westerners who are tired of being wet and cold in the wintertime to retire in Thailand.

10. Freedom!

Thailand truly means freedom. Ask any traveler and they will tell you their time in Thailand was not only relaxing, but it was also liberating. Why deny yourself the chance to be who you are, among elegant and gentle people who show you the utmost consideration and respect? The time is now to start planning to retire in Thailand.