The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Retire In Thailand Reasons 1-5

Retire In Thailand - Thai Woman

Retire In Thailand – Are You Ready To Fall In Love With A Beautiful And Trustworthy Thai Woman?

Are You Ready To Retire In Thailand?

When you think of retirement, what do you picture? I imagine it’s someplace warm. Someplace with lots of relaxing activities like swimming and golf and beautiful places to walk. Of course you want a great home and maybe even a beautiful and loving Thai woman to share it with.

You’ll want to be close to the grocery store, the mall and restaurants. And, no doubt, you’ll want to keep aware of cultural activities as you spend more of your time in leisure.

Is It Possible To Retire In Thailand?

Unfortunately, many people find after retirement that realistically they may expect to live for 30 years or more, but their pension only provides them with half the amount they need.

Is there a place they can retire where their retirement dollar goes further and they can have the lifestyle they dream of?

Thailand has long been a retirement haven for expats from all over the globe. Not only is there a thriving expat community, but it is practical and inexpensive to live and retire in Thailand in the later years of life.

Here’s the first five of my top ten reasons you should retire in Thailand:

Retire In Thailand Western Man with Thai Woman

You’re One Step Away From Finding Trustworthy Thai Woman. Do You Dare To Go The Distance And Retire In Thailand?

1. Stunning Beauty!

There’s always the incredibly beautiful Thai women, of course, but I’m talking about the nature of Thailand. It’s absolutely stunning. Green sea inlets, white sand beaches, smooth sandstone rock outcroppings and lush green jungle make for some of the greatest landscape you’ll ever see.

On top of that there are abundant floral mixtures of tropical colors and scents, not to mention elephants, exotic birds and glowing green sea plankton sparkling like magic in the evenings. It doesn’t get any better than Thailand when it comes to natural beauty. Not yet enticed to retire in Thailand?

2. Incredible Kindness!

Thailand is not just a country of natural outer beauty, it is a place of quiet inner beauty. From the prayer-like greeting called the Wai to the gentle traditions of paying care and affection toward the elderly, Thai culture is high-minded etiquette at its finest. You’ll be hard pressed to find a frown in this society. You’ll find out about how much politeness and gentility are valued above all social values when you retire in Thailand.

3. Never-ending Adventure!

Whether it’s sitting on your porch watching a sunset or climbing to reach a mountain top temple, there’s always a new adventure around the corner. You’ll never be bored when you retire in Thailand.

4. Warm Community!

Thai family life is communal and shared. Unlike in the West where you have to make an appointment to see your friends and family, in Thailand things are much more laid back.

5. Lower Living Costs!

You can rent a home for a month in Thailand for the cost of less than a week in a studio apartment back in your home country. Many retirees are over-joyed with their cost of living. They discover they can actually travel and enjoy life as they like without having to constantly penny-pinch just to make ends meet.

What to learn more about Thailand? Stay tuned because the next six reasons to retire in Thailand are coming soon.