Basic Thai Phrases to Use On a Date and When to Say Them

Thai phrases

Learning Thai Phrases Can Give You A Better Understanding Of What Your Thai Girl Is All About.

The Only Real Way To Learn Thai Phrases Is To Practice Them.

But to give you some inspiration, we’ve decided to include some handy Thai phrases to help sweep your date off her feet, or even in the case that you don’t sound quite like a native speaker, to at least give an effort that will look impressive and thoughtful.

Before you read any further be aware that Thai women are from a modest culture, so anything you say should be well-timed and prudent – don’t just act like a playboy from the get-go. The more dates you go on, the more appropriate these phrases will be to say to her. Also, note that the gender of the speaker matters when he or she is speaking.

These Thai phrases are geared toward men only, speaking to women.

1. You are the most beautiful girl that I have ever met.

Say, Khun pen fu-ying thi suay thi-sut thi fom khery jer maa. Sound like a mouthful?

Hear everything you read here live on this convenient youtube: Don’t get discouraged, practice makes perfect! This also counts for speaking Thai phrases.

Let’s try another.

2. You look so beautiful tonight.

Say, Khuen-níi khun duu suay mâak.

Literally, you are saying, Tonight you look beautiful so. Notice how the word order changes in the Thai language.

3. You are not like other girls I’ve ever met before.

Say, Khun mai meuan phuu-ying khon ùen-ùen thîi phom khery jer maa.

Literally, you are saying, You are not like girl-persons other-other that I ever meet come.

Now you can image why to Thai people English can seem like such a funny and difficult language! Let’s continue with our Thai phrases:

4. I want to know you better.

Say, Phom yak rúu-jàk khun mâak-kwàa nîi.

This literally means, I want know you more than this.

5. Can you be my girlfriend?

Say, Khun pen faen kàp phom dâi mái.

This literally means, You be girlfriend with me can?

As you can see from the Thai phrases above, in Thai, the question word is always at the end, as well as the active verb. The issue at hand is put into the open first, then what is to be done with it, and then the question of if or whether the other person will respond to what you are saying.

Cute Thai Phrases

Learn Some Thai Phrases – Say “Pom Ruk Khun” And Open A Way To A Thai Girl’s Heart.

6. You will always be in my heart.

Say, Khun jà yùu nai hua-jai khawng-phom sà-mer.

This simply says literally, You will be in my heart always.

The simplest things are those which are easy to understand in any translation!

Remember that Thai women are not wanting you to treat them like prostitutes. They are dating you in the interest of a long-term commitment, and while physical attraction and sexuality are very important, they are not the most important, nor are they everything. Keep your conversation kind-hearted. A good rule is to imagine that your sister or mother is standing behind in everything that you say. You want her to feel good and worthy next to you, not disgusting.

Every one of the Thai phrases you learn, even in the bedroom, should go according to this principle. Make her feel like you are offering your heart. It is a sure-fire way to get to the bottom of hers.

7. You’re beautiful or You’re cute.

Say, Sway mak or Narak mak.

This says literally, Very beautiful or Very cute. In response your date will either say, Hob Khun Ka, which is thank you, or she will say Pak waan, which means Sweet mouth. If she says sweet mouth, she is being playful with you, because it is a way of flirting but also a way of fishing you for more nice things to say, in a way that she doesn’t fully believe you.

8. My Love

Say, Tirak.

This says literally, My loved one, or My Darling. When you say it to your Thai date she will simply melt with affection, so make sure that you mean it! Once you say this, it is sort of the equivalent of telling her that she is your number one sweetie.

9. Sweet dreams.

Say, Faan dee.

This is a kind thing for you to say to your lady after a nice date or on the phone or chat before she goes to sleep. In Thai culture, it says both that you care for her and that you will be thinking of her well-being as she goes to sleep for the night. Use this is one of the Thai phrases to impress and to show her an attitude of kindness.

10. I love you.

Say, Pom rak khun. This is the say-all that gets the point across, short and sweet. Thai people don’t throw around I love you as much as most Western countries, in particular the United States, but you can still say it when the relationship is starting to let her know how much you care about her. Say this to make her swoon at a romantic moment, and she’ll be floating on air.

I’ll teach you some more Thai phrases in my next blogs.