“The Top 27 Reasons Why You Should Get A Thai Wife!” Reason #5: Humor

Laughing Thai Wife

Your Thai Wife Will Fill Your Life With Energy And Humor.

Thailand is known as “The Land of Smiles.” There’s a good reason for that. It’s because Thai women are always smiling. Thai women are good-natured and happy all the time; they can’t help but smile.

Sometimes they smile because they are laughing. Laughter is one of the most adorable traits of Thai women. Thai women love humor. They can find fun in everything.

If Your Thai Wife Is Laughing She Loves You.

One sure way to tell if you’re hitting it off with your Thai wife is to notice how much she laughs. If she’s laughing a lot with you it means you have a good connection with her. Don’t underestimate how important that is. Most studies show women rate a sense of humor as the number one thing they value in a man.

So why do Thai women smile so much? What is it about their lives that promotes so much inner happiness?

A Thai Wife Is Content With Her Family.

First of all Thais have a strong family structure. Decisions are made with the best interests of the family at heart. This deep involvement in the the family, from close relationships with grandparents to many aunts and uncles, means the girls know they are part of something. And they know they are looked after.

Everyone cares for them, not just parents but all the relatives as well. When you know you are cared for it’s easy to feel content and happy. I think that’s a big reason why a Thai wife is so cheerful.

Not only that but from a young age Thai girls are cherished. They are constantly told they are wonderful and beautiful. The family cherishes them and encourages them to sing and perform and do well in school. That kind of support certainly grows your self-esteem.

A Thai Wife Has An Important Role.

Another factor of the family is that girls are an integral part its success. Women still willingly accept many of the traditional female roles in the family. They cook and clean and prepare meals for big family gatherings. They know they are important to the family structure.

And now, more than ever, they are the ones achieving success in school and going on to earn university degrees and good jobs. Their importance in the family can not be diminished. They know they are important and they embrace their role. They are content and happy in their family.

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They Have Great Relationships With Their Friends.

A Thai wife also loves the relationships they have with her friends. Their famous Thai smile will often transform to genuine laughter when they are with their closest friends. They love to joke and share stories.

When she’s with her friends they’ll pass around their smart phones and laugh at each others photos. They revel in the chance to spend time together. After laughing so much they can’t help but wear a smile for the rest of the day.

They Don’t Internalize Stress.

Another reason your Thai wife may smile so much is they don’t feel stress like Westerners do. Buddhism preaches an acceptance for what you have and living each day without worrying about the future. When you live each day for the here and now it’s easier to enjoy each of life’s special moments.

A Smile Maintains Calm.

Finally, that smile is there because other displays of emotion carry the possibility of conflict. A good Thai wife always lessen the chance for conflict. She wants to have a peaceful relationship. There may be times when your Thai woman is disappointed or sad and yet you will still flash that wondrous smile. Why? Because she cares about the welfare of those she loves and a smile can make others feel good.

The More You See Your Thai Wife’s Smile The More You Feel Like Smiling.

Thai women know how to flash that famous Thai smile to get what they want. Perhaps the thing they want is you. If it is, you are a lucky man. Your life will be peaceful and content and you’ll enjoy many great years of wonderful laughter shared with your Thai women. Your Thai woman’s smile will be etched in your memory forever.

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