“The Top 27 Reasons Why You Should Get A Thai Wife!” Reason #3: Skin Tone

Beautiful Thai Wife 01

Don’t You Love The Tanned Skin Tone Of Your Thai Wife?

A Thai Wife Has A Beautiful Lightly Tanned Skin Tone

– whereas Western women work hard to get a tan. They lay in tanning booths and under the hot sun in a quest for sexy and appealing skin. Thai women have a distinct advantage over Western women in that their skin is already beautifully colored.

It’s more truthful to say Thai women have all sorts of skin tones. The skin tones in Thailand range from very dark, almost black, skin tones to light, almost white, skin tones. Thai women are a diverse group when it comes to skin tones.

Light Skin Is Desired By Your Thai Wife

In Thailand we consider light skin to be the most beautiful. That’s why you see Thai people wearing long sleeves, long pants, and a hat even when they’re working in the hot sun. Thais are willing to suffer in the heat to keep themselves from getting darker skin.

The light skin image is reinforced in Thai media. You’d be be hard pressed to find a darker-toned Thai on a television program or an advertisement. Thai pharmacies even sell creams promising to lighten your skin.

A Western Man Sees Beauty in Dark and Light Skin Tones Of His Thai Wife

However, that preoccupation with light skin works in your favor as a Western man. Western men tend to look for beautiful girls regardless of their skin tone whereas Thai men are fixated on light skinned Thai girls.

That’s why you see so many Western men in Thailand with a darker skinned Thai wife. These stunningly beautiful Thai girls are often over-looked by Thai men. That is one reason why Western men find so many single, pretty women in Thailand.

You’re Considered Good-looking In Thailand

The second way the Thai preoccupation with light skin works in favor of Western men is the way Thai girls  see you. Western men tend to have fair white skin. In Thai society girls would consider a very handsome man to be one with fair skin. In that way, a Thai wife is predisposed to like your skin. They find you very good-looking.

Also keep in mind having a Western husband means her children will have lighter skin. In the same way that tall people have an advantage achieving success in the Western world, light-skinned Thais have an advantage in Thailand. Perhaps subconsciously they are given special treatment. All Thai women want the best chance of success for their children so marrying a Western man can give their offspring an advantage in Thai society.

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Doesn’t Looking At Your Thai Girl Make You Want To Smile?

Why Do Western Men Find Thai Women Attractive?

All of that accounts for why Thai women find Western men very attractive. But what is it about a Thai woman’s skin tone that attracts a Western man?

I think the greatest reason is Western men think darker skinned women are more exotic. Why would a western man look for a  Thai wife? He wants to find something different than what he has back home. The lovely dark skin, almond eyes, and luxurious hair of a Thai wife convinces him he’s found a beautiful exotic partner unlike anything at home.

As a Western man, you may if fact think completely opposite from a Thai man. You might feel more attraction for a darker skinned Thai woman. This undoubtedly accounts for the rising number of marriages between Western men and Thai women. Western men like an exotic look and Thai women like a lighter skinned man.

Start Looking For A Desirable Thai Wife

There is more to a relationship than looks but I’ll leave that for another blog. When it comes to initial attraction, a Western man can find a beautiful Thai wife in a skin tone he finds desirable. From lightly tanned looking skin to dark and beautiful skin Thai women come in all ranges. Their exotic skin tone is one of the reasons why you should get a Thai wife.

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