What Will Your Thai Wedding Ceremony Be Like? Part 4/4 – The Evening Ceremony

Beautiful Thai Wedding

Where Would You Go On Honeymoon After Your Thai Wedding?

If You Love Dancing You Might Be Disappointed At A Thai Wedding Reception.

A lot of fun things happen at a Thai wedding reception but you might be surprised to learn dancing is not always one of them. Are you wondering what you will do with your Thai bride if dancing isn’t in the picture? Read this blog now to find out.

Read my first three blogs in the series about Thai weddings and you’ll be better prepared for this final installment. So everyone is seated around their tables waiting for the bride and groom. Are you ready for your grand entrance?

How Will You Make Your Entrance At Your Thai Wedding?

One great thing about the reception is there’s room to be flexible. I’ve been to three Thai weddings in the last 90 days and each of them had the bride and groom enter in a different manner. Some have come in together while others had the bride enter in a special moment like a Western wedding walk down the aisle. You and your Thai bride can chose the method like. Whatever you choose to do (or are suggested to do by your in-laws) you’ll both eventually end up on stage.

At this point it’s common to run a slide show set to music. Thais love to see pictures of the couple from early in their relationship until now. Pics of them as youths are also popular. You’ll have your Thai audience ooohing and aaawiing as they enjoy your presentation. As the slide show pictures become more recent they’ll shriek in delight. All the Thai girls present, and there will be many, just love the romance in those pictures.

Sunset Thai Wedding

Walking Into The Sunset With Your Thai Lady. What Could Be More Romantic At Your Thai Wedding?

What Kind Of Presentation Will You Make At Your Thai Wedding?

My favorite presentation was a unique slide show. The couple had themselves made into cartoon characters and these characters were interjected throughout the slide show as if they were the real couple. It was very funny and cute. It was a good choice to entertain the crowd.

There is also a traditional part of the Thai wedding reception where relatives are brought on stage, honored, and given a chance to speak. There is an order to what happens here. Typically the grandparents and parents are brought up and blessed alongside the wed couple. Then they may give some speeches to the crowd.

Don’t Fall Asleep During Your Thai Wedding!

The speeches can get long so I suggest you do what you can to keep this portion of the night brief. At the end of it the couple will finally be presented as husband and wife. You can include the ritual kiss the bride if you like.

After that there is usually a very tall wedding cake you need to cut. Both bride and groom will hold a long knife and cut the cake. This moment is for the photo op more than anything else. Fifty percent of the time the cake won’t even be edible. It’s just there for looks. An idea which is popular now is to make the cake out of cupcakes and then pass them out to the guests after the ceremony.

Happy Thai Wedding Bride

And Finally You May Kiss Your Bride At your Thai Wedding.

Who Will Be Your Speaker At Your Thai Wedding? Do He Or She Know English?

Keep in mind you’ll need an emcee for the nights festivities. It’s a good idea to have a bilingual speaker for a Western/Thai wedding. That’s because your Western friends could become extremely bored watching without any understanding of the language. They’ll feel included if the emcee gives some some directions in English.

You many also want to hire a band or a DJ to keep music going during the down times like after the guests enter and are waiting for you and your Thai bride to start. There’s also down time during the meal.

Who Paying For All That Food At Your Thai Wedding?

Let’s not forget the meal! You and your Thai bride pay for the food and drinks unless you’ve worked out a sweet deal with her parents. Be prepared for a sizable bill because there’s a lot of people at a Thai wedding reception.

You’ll have more people at your reception than you did at the morning wedding. 200 people is a small reception. Now you know why Thai wedding presents are usually money in an envelope. Your guests know you had to pay for the food and drinks and this is how you get paid back.

The Hotels Offer Special Package Deals

The hotels have packaged wedding deals so it’s a good idea to shop around for the best value. The meals will be so many charged at so many baht per person. Relax. You’ll be glad to know the money you get from the guests should easily offset the cost of the Thai wedding and leave you some to bank for your honeymoon.

Is It Really Karaoke Time?

After the slide show, the special reception ceremony and the meal, what is there left to do? Actually not much! Guests will visit until they’re talked out and the bride and groom will float around visiting with their guests. Thais love Karaoke as you know and there’s a good chance they’ll invite guests up to the stage for a little singing fun.

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After that guests typically start to make their way out unless you’ve planned some additional festivities. You and your beautiful Thai bride will see people off at the doorway. There will another chance to take pictures with your guests as you and your gorgeous Thai bride take up residence at the little studio again. When it’s all said and done you’ll be glad you’re finished. Sleep in the next morning. You’ve earned it after your Thai wedding!