What Will Your Thai Wedding Be Like? Part 2/4 – The Morning Ceremony

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A Very Special Moment With Your Thai Bride: Putting The Ring On Her Finger At Your Thai Wedding

Why Do They Tie Strings To Your Wrist At Your Thai Wedding?

In part one of this blog I covered the formal ceremony that will take place on your Thai wedding day. I didn’t try to include every single detail of your Thai wedding. I just tried to give you a fair overview of the day’s events so you’ll know what to expect when you wed your Thai bride. Is there more to do when the formal ceremonial is over? Of course!

As the ceremony concludes your new parents and grandparents will want to tie short lengths of string around your wrist for good luck. Others such as aunts and uncles may get in line to do the same thing.

In a big Thai wedding you could end up with a lot of string around your wrist. The strings are a show of good luck and well wishes to you and your Thai bride. According to Thai wedding custom you should wear the strings for three days before you remove them.

There Is A Symbolic Bedroom Moment At Your Thai Wedding

As the ceremony concludes your in-laws will lead you and your bride to your bedroom. The bedroom will be done up and decorated in a pretty fashion. You’ll have a small ritual where your in-laws will ceremoniously give their daughter to you and you take her into the bedroom signifying your status as man and wife. This Thai wedding custom is kind of like the Western tradition of carrying your bride across the threshold of your home.

Gifts Of Money At Your Thai Wedding!

Some Thai weddings also include a time when guests can meet you and your Thai bride for a moment while offering a wedding gift. You’ll typically sit at a low table and the guests will approach you and sit on the floor. The gift is usually money in an envelope. Each encounter is relatively short but you can imagine how long this process can take if you have a lot of Thai wedding guests!

Thai Wedding Procession

When You Marry A Thai Girl You Will Also Have A Fabulous And Colourful Thai Wedding Procession.

Is The Marriage Legal?

Also, keep in mind all of this is a civil ceremony. In the eyes of your new Thai family you will be officially married. However, to be fully legal you must register the Thai wedding with formal documents. Western weddings typically incorporate the document signing into the wedding itself.

However, in Thailand, you can sign the forms before, during, or after the wedding. If you want to have it as part of the day’s festivities you’ll have to do the leg work ahead of time to make sure the only remaining requirement is your signatures.

Let The Fun Of Your Thai Wedding Begin!

Finally the formal part of the morning will end and the fun begins. Most families will have an area set up to host all the guests in shade or another building. There will be many courses of food served and speeches may be given. Sometimes a band will play. Don’t be surprised if there is a little Karaoke time. Thais love karaoke. Eat drink and be merry. But pace yourself at your Thai wedding.

Is It Over? Are You Kidding? You’re Just Getting Started!

The next phase of your Thai wedding will happen tonight at the reception and don’t be surprised if even more people are present there. Give yourself a chance to rejuvenate by taking a nap and getting some time to relax alone.

Sometimes there is picture time between the wedding ceremony and the reception but some Thai do the photos a day or two before the actual Thai wedding. Speaking of photos you’ll have a photographer or two floating around all day and it’s not unusual to have a videographer as well.

Get Rejuvenated. There’s More To Come At Your Thai Wedding.

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Unlike a western wedding where the ceremony is in the afternoon and you only have a couple of hours before the reception, the Thai wedding ceremony is an early morning affair and usually done by early afternoon, then the reception starts in the evening. What happens at the reception? Speeches? Music? Slide Shows? Dancing? Eating? Drinking? All of the above? Come back to find out more in part 3 about your Thai Wedding.