What Will Your Thai Wedding Be Like? Part 3/4 – The Evening Ceremony

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An Event That You Can Look Forward To: Your Thai Wedding.

Your Thai Wedding Is Going To Be A Wonderful Event.

Start the day well-rested and happy. Make sure your Thai bride does the same. It’s easy to over-work yourselves in the days leading up to the wedding so be sure to plan some rest time in your schedule.

The first two parts of this series focused on the morning session of your Thai wedding. The next two parts will walk you through the events you and your Thai bride will share at the evening’s festivities. Put on your happy face because you’re going to be meeting a lot of people!

Are Gifts Of Cash Suitable At A Thai Wedding?

Thai wedding receptions are commonly held in big hotel ballrooms or large restaurants with special reception rooms. When guests arrive they usually approach a registration table before getting to the main hall for the reception. At the registration table they will sign the register and leave a gift for the couple. Most Thais give money in an envelope. They deposit their envelopes in a nice box made for the occasion. If the gift is not money then they simply leave it on the table.

It’s also traditional for each guest at the reception to receive a small gift from the bride and groom. These are handed out at the registration table or left on the tables where the guests sit inside. The gifts for the guests are small things like engraved shot glasses or small writing pads.

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This Is The Moment For You And Your Thai Woman! – Your Thai Wedding

It’s Picture Time At Your Thai Wedding!

After the guests finish at the registration table they meet the bride and groom. There will be a little studio set up for professional photography. Your photographer will direct the guests to join you on the set. A quick visit and a couple photos later and they’re on their way to the dining hall. You’ll meet all the guests in this fashion.

Some will arrive in groups and you’ll have one picture with all of them. If there are some special guests amongst that group you can ask them to stay back and have your photographer take another photo with just you and them. That won’t be the end of the photo taking either, later you and your Thai bride will visit each dining table and have another picture taken with the people sitting there.

How Long Will This Take?

You’ll h ave to stay with the photographer outside the main banquet hall until all but the most late-arriving guests have entered. Then the time comes to enter the banquet hall as man and wife.

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Will you walk down the aisle like in a Western wedding? Will there be a lengthy set of speeches? The answers to those questions and more are coming next in the final installment. Be sure to come back soon and read part four! Then you’ll be ready to start planning your own Thai wedding with your beautiful Thai bride.