Special Days In Thailand – Is There Mother’s Day In Thailand?

Mother's Day in Thailand

A Special Day: Mother’s Day In Thailand

Did You Know  That Mother’s Day In Thailand Is Celebrated On A Different Day Than Elsewhere in The World?

The first year I was married to my Australian husband we called his mother on Skype to wish her a Happy Mothers Day. She was thrilled to see the two of us and we were over-joyed to spend time with her on her special day.

Then Mike looked at me and said, “Should we call your mother?”

The answer to that question demonstrates one of the differences between Thailand and Western countries. Mother’s day is a special celebration in many countries of the world and for most it’s celebrated on the second Sunday of May each year. However, did you know Mother’s Day in Thailand is celebrated on a different day?

Mother’s Day In Thailand Is Celebrated Every August 12th.

Why? Because August 12th is the Queen’s Birthday. Thais revere their royal family and the Queen’s birthday is celebrated with great aplomb. There are special ceremonies all day long both at the palace and in Thai homes and businesses. The Queen’s picture will be everywhere on this day – Mother’s Day in Thailand.

There is special programming on TV and Thais will talk lovingly of her good works for the most needy Thais. She is seen as the great mother of all Thai people and so her birthday is the logical time to celebrate Mother’s Day in Thailand.

Thais, like much of the world, find a number of ways to honor their mothers. They kneel before them in reverence and they’ll visit the Buddhist temple. Thai sons and daughters will also take over household chores for the day and take her out to dinner just like Westerners do on Mother’s Day. And, of course, sending flowers is very popular too.

Mother’s Day in Thailand is a day of national celebration.

There’s even a big fireworks show in the evening. So what did I say when my Husband asked if we should call my Thai mother on Mothers Day in May?

Deep Wai Thai Girl Mother's Day In Thailand

Thais Have Deepest Respect For Their Mother. They Honor Her On August 12th – Mother’s Day In Thailand.

I said “Yes. of course!”

What Mother wouldn’t want to be recognized more often? My mom was delighted to hear from us but a little perplexed as to why we were calling. We explained that it was Mothers Day in Australia and she laughed.

My mom thought it was a great, unanticipated feature, of her daughter’s marriage to a Westerner. From now on she’d have two Mother’s Days each year. She couldn’t be happier. So when you call your Mother today, don’t forget your Thai mother-in-law – on Mother’s Day in Thailand!