Top 10 Reasons Why Western Men Look for Asian Wives

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What Is So Special About Asian Wives?

A Perfect Match? Western Men And Asian Wives

Research has shown that marriages between American men and Thai women are twice as likely to last than between two Americans. As a Thai lady working in the dating world, I have put together what I believe are the main reasons why Western men look for Asian wives, and why such partnerships often result in wonderful and long lasting relationships.

My Top 10 Reasons – What Makes Asian Wives So Perfect?

Go Asian Wives #1 – Thai women are simple and easy to please.

This makes Thai women much easier to approach and for those of you that are not so smooth with the dating scene and suffer from insecurities whether it be due to bad past experiences or mere intimidation, can find a Thai lady much more understanding and friendly than many Western women. We are not looking to embarrass or reject men and manners are still very important in our culture.

Go Asian Wives #2 – Thai women like the general culture here are very laid back and easy going.

Subtlety is a big part of Thai culture and confrontation is not something that is a part of everyday life. For men looking for a peaceful partnership, often after a traumatic divorce, Thai women have a certain special and gentle appeal. We are in general not aggressive and we rarely make the first move. The average Thai woman is not promiscuous, and intimate relations with men are cherished.

Go Asian Wives #3 – Being welcomed into a Thai family is a beautiful and wonderful occurrence.

Many men feel that the open, loving culture is an environment that they could live very happily in. For men hoping to start a family with their Thai wives, they know that their partner would help provide an affectionate and attentive upbringing for their children.

Go Asian Wives #4 – Many Western women are very artificial with colorful makeup, overt accessories and an Avant-garde wardrobe.

Asian women are refreshing to Western men as they already look beautiful in her natural state and are plain and natural.They can be beautiful even with simple clothes and light makeup.

Go Asian Wives #5 – Thailand is a beautiful place to live.

Many visitors fall completely in love with the country. Magnificent scenery, an affordable lifestyle and a warm culture make Thailand a wonderful prospect to make a life. It is estimated that Western men that have immigrated to Thailand support over one million jobs in the Thai economy with over one hundred thousand foreign husbands in Thailand’s North Eastern provinces alone. Marrying a Thai woman would not only enable a man to be a true part of Thai culture, but also to enjoy the company of a sophisticated native lady.

Asian Wives

Asian Wives And The Asian Cuisines Go Hand In Hand

Go Asian Wives #6 – Many men see the cultural challenges and language barriers as intriguing and sexy.

Meeting a Thai lady is an adventure into the new and the unknown. Thai women are very different to what they may have been used to in the West and this is exciting.

Go Asian Wives #7 – Thai women love to play the role of the traditional wife.

We love cooking and will create a large array of delicious culinary delights on a daily basis. The average Thai lady is an excellent force in the kitchen, and she will probably be excited to learn how to make some of your favorites from home also.

Go Asian Wives #8 – Thai ladies have a great sense of humor.

We love to laugh and like all of Thai society we can find the fun or ‘sanook’ in everything. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and Thai ladies really have an ability to make people around them happy.

Go Asian Wives #9 – Thai women like Western men.

As surprising as it may sound, we Thai women are very attracted to Western men. Different coloring, and the fact that the average Western man is taller and more muscular than the average Thai man makes us think of you as masculine and protective. Also we think of Western men as much more faithful and dependable than Thai men.

Go Asian Wives #10 – Despite Thai women such as myself now doing well in the professional working world, we have not lost our femininity.

Many Western men feel that the feminism in the West has encouraged women to forget their soft attributes that in essence separate men from women. This leads many men to look towards Thailand, where they can find more traditional, feminine women who like being wined and dined and are not struggling for power over men. As Thai women are very traditional, we take pleasure in ‘looking after’ our partners, which many Western women resent.