Understanding Thai Culture – The Differences Between Thai Women and Western Men

Thai Culture

Thai Culture Is Beautiful And Exotic.

When It Comes Down To The Little Bits – Understanding Thai Culture.

I have been working in the international dating industry for a while, and one of the big issues that often arises between Thai women and Western men is the major cultural differences. Although this can and should be a beautiful aspect of a special relationship, it is something that must be considered and understood between partners, and both need to be aware that complications will most probably occur. Western culture, is very individualistic whereas Thai is very much a community, cooperative culture. Understanding is the key aspect to any healthy relationship, as it does not need to be a problem if both people are prepared and aware.

What Are The Main Differences Between Western And Thai Culture?

Thai culture is completely different to Western culture. Despite how many times you may have visited Thailand, it is most probable that you have spent most of your time with tourists and in tourist areas. Although enjoyable, these kind of trips do not enable you to understand or experience true Thai culture and the intimate customs and lifestyles of the average Thai lady.

Thai Cuisine An Important Part Of Thai Culture

Even for people who are comfortable with Thai cuisine and have many Thai friends, are perplexed by some of the very different ways of Thai life. Start learning about Thai culture today by chatting to the ladies on thailadydatefinder.com. Where as in Western culture people are ego driven, people in Thai culture are very gentle and subtle in every way and it is important to be humble and to show humility.

One Example Of Thai Culture Subtly Is The Thai Smile.

Thailand has over 100 different types of smile, each meaning a different thing-very subtle yet giving off completely different messages. The more time that you spend immersed in Thai culture, the better, as many Thai women will not be willing to live a completely Westernized lifestyle. A relationship combining both cultures can in many cases result in blissful happiness with an expansion of both of your cuisines, travel, family and friends and of course love.

Thai Culture Buddha

The Buddha Is One Core Element Of Thai Culture.

With nearly 95% of Thai people being devout Buddhists, religion is an aspect that is still very ingrained in their culture which has been lost for many in the West. As long as respect is shown to their cultural beliefs, most Thai women will not mind that you do not have the same religious ideologies as them. Another aspect of the culture that may come as an insult by a Thai lady is her affection to her friends in public but not towards you. It is customary for both men and women to walk with their arms around each other when in the streets, however with lovers they prefer to keep it more personal and subtle. So do not get into a jealous frenzy if your lover appears with her male friend arm in arm, it is more than likely that it is completely platonic. At the beginning of a relationship, be aware that the body parts are very different to the West in terms of respect. The head for example is the most sacred part of the body. A Thai will take great offense in being touched on the head, so make sure that this is avoided right away. Obviously once you are intimate together this will not be an issue.

Family is often one of the main differences between Western men and Thai women. Despite being adults, many Thai women (and men also) will still live with their parents. Even once married it is common to still live with their families and their new husband, or with their husband’s family. For the majority of Western men this prospect is completely out of the question. This is something that you must discuss with a prospective partner as for some this tradition can change, whereas for others they may be completely set on the idea. You must be aware that for most Thai ladies, the financial and emotional needs of their family will always come first over any lover. From the poorest villagers, to the richest emperors, it is customary in Thailand for the adult kids to look after the parents needs, and a proportion of earnings every month will have to be set aside for this.

If you do embark on a relationship with a Thai lady her intense devotion to her family is something that you must get used to.  Although such closeness may come as quite a shock at first, being welcomed into a Thai family is a special and wonderful occurrence, and a huge part of getting to know your lady thoroughly. If treated with respect your lovers family will most probably go out of their way to return it and embrace you in with open arms. I know that my grandma makes the best Ho mok pla in the whole of Thailand, and if you don’t know what that is then you really need to get yourself involved with a Thai family and Thai culture soon!