Western Men Marry Thai Women – How and Why It Happens

Thai Women

There Are Certain Stigmata’s That Thai Women Fall Under.

Truths And Falacies About Thai Women

Hi this is me Nathamon Madison, CEO of the Meet Me Now Bangkok Company. I have been working in the international dating industry for a while, and an issue that bothers me is the wrong and hurtful stigmas that have been put upon Western/Thai partnerships.

Relationships between Western men and Thai women are becoming more and more common.

Such men are often branded as desperate or sex craving. Of course the Thai sex industry is as flourishing as ever with Thai and Western men flocking to the downtown streets of Bangkok to hook up with a prostitute or watch a strip show. However average Thai women are educated, intelligent and ambitious.

Many self respecting Western men find love with Thai women and have an idyllically happy and flourishing relationship, sharing each others cultures and even starting families together. Websites such as thailadydatefinder.com introduce Thai women from good backgrounds and who are respectful and successful in their own rights to Western men looking for love. So these are the main reasons why I think that Western men love us Thai women, and why so many happy partnerships occur.

So What Are Some Of The Main Characteristics Of Thai Women?

1. Thai women like the general culture here are very laid back and easy going. Subtlety is a big part of Thai culture and confrontation is not something that is a part of everyday life. For men looking for a peaceful partnership, often after a traumatic divorce, Thai women have a certain special and gentle appeal.

2. Family is a big part of Thai life, and being welcomed into a Thai family is a beautiful and wonderful occurrence. Many men feel that the open, loving culture is an environment that they could live very happily in. For men hoping to start a family with their Thai wives, they know that their partner would help provide an affectionate and attentive upbringing for their children.

3. Thailand is a beautiful place to live. Many visitors fall completely in love with the country. Magnificent scenery, an affordable lifestyle, a laid back atmosphere and a warm culture make Thailand a wonderful prospect to make a life. It is estimated that Western men that have immigrated to Thailand support over one million jobs in the Thai economy with over one hundred thousand foreign husbands in Thailand’s North Eastern provinces alone. Marrying a Thai woman would not only enable a man to be a true part of Thai culture, but also to enjoy the company of a sophisticated native lady.

4. It has been said that Thai women treat the beauty parlor like the new Western woman treats the local shop. Despite Thai women now doing well in the professional working world, they have not lost their femininity. Many Western men feel that the feminism in the West has encouraged women to forget their soft attributes that in essence separate men from women. This leads many men to look towards Thailand, where they can find more traditional, feminine women who like being wined and dined and are not struggling for power over men. As Thai women are very traditional, they take pleasure in ‘looking after’ their husbands, which many Western women resent.

thai women

There A Thousands Of Beautiful Thai Women Just Looking For A Guy Like You.

So how does an unassuming Western man in search of love go about avoiding the dishonest women along the way? (and dare I say it unfortunately there are many). Firstly a presumptuous guy arriving in Thailand is a prime target for scammers who see dollar signs as you step off the plane. Such women can seem very convincing with their stories of lost loves and needy families. Therefore the cyber world has become the most popular means for meeting Thai women, however worries of inaccurate pictures and information are completely legitimate.

The best and easiest way to be sure that you are mingling with good, honest women who are equally looking for meaningful, loving partners is to explore classy, professional sites such as thailadydatefinder.com. Designed to combat fraud and to protect honest, sincere people, such sites do full checks on all members backgrounds. Profile pictures must be matched with a verifiable family history and work background. Although this may not seem particularly romantic, unfortunately the world is not such a rosy place. Once all is confirmed however, men can meet women in Thailand for organized dates or classy meet and greet events to enjoy unforgettable experiences in safe environments for all parties. Taking the precautionary measures enables men to embark on dating Thai women in confidence and trust and to avoid falling predator to a fraudulent trap like many other naive visitors.

Respect and understanding on both sides is needed for Thai/Western relationships to work, and in the many cases where they do, both the man and woman can truly live happily ever after.