What to Look for In A Thai Dating Service

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What Are The Advantages Of Using A Thai Dating Service?

Do You Ask Yourself: Why Should I Use A Thai Dating Service?

Dating Thai women online can be very risky but if successful can be incredibly rewarding and meeting the right special woman can be life changing. The most popular way for men to meet Thai ladies is online using a Thai dating service. There are so many sites around that someone new to the environment is left feeling pretty daunted and clueless about where to even start.

What Is Special About Our Thai Dating Service?

I have unfortunately met many men who have fallen victim to the thousands of bogus, fraudulent sites across the Internet. The saddest part is that such sites target the nice guys who are genuinely looking for love and by wearing their heart on their sleeves get taken advantage of.

So What Sets Our Thai Dating Service Apart?

As I always say when it comes to dating Thai women, a Western man must go into the cyber world having prepared and researched thoroughly. When looking for a Thai dating service there are a number of aspects that must not be compromised. Even if you have spotted a beautiful lady on their homepage, if the site does not have the appropriate credentials then there is a high chance that she doesn’t exist, or that there is more boy to her than lady.

What Are The Things To Look Out For In A Thai Dating Service?

First and foremost, make sure that the site does full background checks on all its members including details as personal as work and family histories, confirmation of marital status and criminal checks. In the case of the lady date finder on thailadydatefinder.com, all of the potential women are met personally by the Date Thai Lady staff in Bangkok and they confirm that their photo does in fact match the one that they have posted on the site. A site such as this that is run through an introduction agency like mine, Meet Me Now Bangkok, is probably the safest way to go about the Thai dating service process. Although this may all seem rather unromantic, trusted sites like this are where real love is found only including genuine ladies who are looking for real, honest relationships.

Is Our Thai Dating Service Secure?

Such checks are standard in Thailand for all job applications are received, so if it seen as essential by employers, it is most certainly important for the dating world. If a site is advertising sex in any way, then instantly dismiss it, as no self respecting dating service would dream of this. Steer clear of the many free dating sites, as unfortunately the vast majority are scammers. Many members are in fact based in West Africa, where operators steal photos from online social networks such as Facebook and pose as beautiful Asian girls. These free dating sites normally do not have anti-fraud protection, so even basic checks such as which country the user’s computer is situated are not done. The thought that your pretty new interest is in fact a Nigerian man is not pleasant, so simply don’t let it happen.

Why Shouldn’t I Use Another Thai Dating Service?

In terms of the paid for sites, not all are necessarily genuine, and some end up taking more money than is necessary. Some dating sites that are ‘free’ work on a credit system, where you must pay every time that you send or receive a message or post. This can end up accumulating the costs, as bare in mind that if you like the look of a lady, then you may be corresponding many times just with her. This can work out much pricier than simply if you signed up for a monthly fee, where you could enjoy the sites services and  benefits at ease.

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Many Matches Have Been Made Using Our Thai Dating Service

Sites that have involvement with Western management are often more trustworthy, as like thailadydatefinder.com, they have been conceived by men just like you, who have had bad or fraudulent experiences and want to prevent others from having the same obstacles.
The next concern on Western mens minds is meeting up with the lady that they have met online Thai dating service. A flight to Thailand is expensive, time consuming and a real en devour. The last thing that you want to find waiting for you when you get there is a prostitute or a stooge who takes your money and is never seen again, and yes this unfortunately happens all too often.

On our site, thailadydatefinder.com, dates are arranged for you and your lady friend in safe, secure environments. As not all pairings from mere Internet conversations can result in a real life connection, if things don’t work out with your online friend, then there are other women that you can meet whilst you are out there through  the agency in Bangkok to get to know straight away in person.

Please do not be put off by bad experiences or horror stories. If using a trusted, honest site, and a real Thai Dating service then the possibilities of meeting a wonderful Thai woman are very high . The success stories of thailadydatefinder.com shine a warm and bright light on all these terrible stories. Check us out for yourself and see the difference!