Where to Find Real Love in Thailand

Love In ThailandIf You Are On The Pursuit Of Love In Thailand, Then The Bars Are Not The Places To Find It.

T-shirts on the stalls can be found on every street corner with the slogan printed, ‘No Money, No Honey’, and they have a point! Despite the prostitutes in Thailand being extremely good at their jobs, and giving you a real, authentic girlfriend experience with all the trimmings, money is at the essence of everything.

So How To Avoid Finding Fake Love In Thailand?

Many naive men have been fooled by the charade, when in fact it is the affection, tenderness and charm that is simply part of their jobs and gets them the tips. Cohering to the natural hero complex that all you men have naturally ingrained into them, when hearing a sad story about an injured brother or sick cow, many Western men have fallen into the trap and lost a lot of money. The bar girls all cluster in the tourist areas and not just in the bars and sell fake love in Thailand. A nice girl that you may meet on the beach or even in your hotel could very well be after you just for your money. It is very hard to get out of the tourist bubble, but it is somewhat possible.

Be On The Lookout For True Love In Thailand

You cannot obviously help being spotted as a Farang (foreigner) due to your lack of Thai (or highly conspicuous accent) and different appearance, but you can make an effort to get off the tourist trail. Basically if you are lucky enough to be able to move to live in Thailand, it is the best way to meet genuine Thai girls in person.

The Perks To Find True Love In Thailand

Learn to speak Thai and they would love to meet you. If you can’t speak the language, then your options are limited. If you go up to the Northeast there are plenty of women just looking for a good relationship.

There are many women who sadly due to Thai culture, boyfriends or husbands have left them because they are too old (25-35). They are bank tellers, teachers and store clerks and married, widowed, divorced and single. Such women are horrified by the thought of the sleazy Bangkok bar scene. Remember that women working in the sex industry make up a tiny percentage of the female population.

Your Time Is Limited To Find True Love In Thailand?

If you only have time in Bangkok then why not venture off the tourist trail and get to know the real Thais. Phahon Yothin Soi is an area reached by sky train and is one of my favorite spots. This is the perfect place to enjoy the genuine, authentic Bangkok street life. No tourist guides and few tourists enable you to shop, eat great street food and immerse yourself in the cities secrets. Thonburi is another area in the suburbs where tourists are far and few between. Enjoy the beautiful canals, restaurants serving authentic dishes, and great locals to chat to and get to know.(who are not interested in your money).

Find Love In Thailand

Get Out Of The Tourist Areas To Find True Love In Thailand

To find real true love in Thailand is completely possible, and many happy multi-national couples have emerged. I Nathamon am half of one of those lucky couples, as my Australian husband and I have lived happily together for nearly the past decade! I am the owner and CEO of Meet Me Now Bangkok, and I have introduced many people to their soul-mates. For most men, spending months on end in Thailand alone is not an option due to commitments at home, so a good start is the Internet.

You must however be looking in the right places to find true love in Thailand, and to start with you must know what to avoid. If a site is free, then it is more than likely that you will come across some fakes and con artists as this is where they go to find men to entice into their plans. Photographs of the supposed beauty are often stolen from chat rooms or social networking sites such as Facebook, and they may not even be based in Thailand. Despite many bogus sites online, sites such as ThaiLAdyDateFinder.Com do full background checks on all prospective members, and I do full interviews in person with every woman hoping to get a profile. I am quite overprotective of the men on the site, so only the most transparent, truthful candidates will be given membership.

The women on the site are educated, intelligent and from good families, and reflect the ‘new Thailand’. Thailand is prospering like it never has before, and opportunities are arising all over the country and particularly in Bangkok. Research has shown that women in between the age brackets of 19-27 are even earning more than men. If you are looking for a traditional, refined woman who has goals and ambitions of her own, then Thailand has a wide variety of women that would probably connect well with you.