Why Gift Giving Is Important When Dating a Thai Lady

Thai Lady

A Thai Lady Loves To Receive Your Gifts.

A Thai lady Is Just Possibly More Open About Liking To Be Pampered.

It would be a lie of any woman worldwide to say that they don’t enjoy receiving a gift now and again from a man. It is exciting, flattering and shows your appreciation for her.

Many Western men are very aware of the cultural differences between them and the Thai lady that they plan on dating. I am often asked by men what they should buy for their date if anything at all. Yes of course there are lots of differences between us and Western women, however there are also lots of similarities. A Thai lady is just possibly more open about liking to be pampered.

What Kind Of Gifts Are Appropriate For Your Thai Lady?

The act of gift giving in Thailand is much less formal than any other place in Asia and it has become far more Westernized. There are however some simple customs that one should adhere to if you want to create the maximum impression on a Thai lady.

Some Customs To Remember When Giving A Gift To Your Thai Lady

If you remember, always give and receive a gift with your right hand. This is the case for everything from eating, to picking up a business card, as the left hand is seen as dirty and used for only one thing, (wiping your butt). You should also offer a wai after giving a gift. A wai consists of a slight bow, with the palms pressed together in a praying Buddha type stance. A misunderstanding that often occurs when a Westerner gives a Thai lady a gift is the question as to why they do not open it in front of them. Do not take insult if you give a date a present and she simply puts it in her bag, as this is customary. It does not mean that she is any less excited or anxious to open it. Pushing her to do so could make her feel very awkward.

What Does Your Thai Lady Think About Your Gift?

Keep in mind that most Thai women will be very tolerant of your ways of doing things also, and if you do not remember to do everything in the ‘proper’ Thai way, then they will probably find it amusing and will just appreciate the fact that you tried. The type of gift that you buy a Thai lady is definitely more important than the way in which you give it. Thai women hate people showing off their wealth and blatant boasting is one of their biggest turn offs. Although you may think it appropriate to give her a piece of expensive jewelry on a first date, rather than sweeping her off her feet, you will be swept into the gutter. Thai women like humble men, and see extortionate displays of material things as insincere and false. You may even find that she even refuses to accept it.

What Makes Gift Will Your Thai Lady Like?

Thai Lady Gift

Wrapping The Gift For Your Thai Lady Can Be As Exciting As Giving It To Her.

Appropriate gifts would be little tokens of your interest that would really make her smile. As tiny as most of us are, we love our food, and any edible delicacy will really go down a treat with most Thai women. We really will eat just about anything from hot and spicy squid sticks or baskets of fruit to the gourmet delicacy of dried buffalo dung beetles or BBQ scorpions….yum! If the more exotic treats make your stomach churn, then chocolate is also another way to any woman’s heart. Relatively new as a popular snack in Thailand, dark chocolate in particular is now a real favorite.

All Thai women are really little girls at heart, and teddies and stuffed animals will always give us a much appreciated surprise. There are tons of gift stores in Thailand selling giant toys as well as many online sites which can securely post directly to Thailand. Flowers of course are another Thai lady favorite, and receiving a big bunch of blooming petals is as romantic as it gets. Avoid giving a lady marigolds or carnations as these are associated with mourning.

Wrap gifts in bright colors as Thai ladies love color as you can tell from how they dress. Avoid wrapping in green, black or blue as these colors are associated with death. Gold or yellow make good colors for wrapping. Add bows and ribbons for a decorative finish. If you find yourself dating a Chinese Thai, wrap her gift in red. The lucky number in Thailand is three, so giving three small gifts or thinking of cute ideas involving the number three would be a really attentive idea.

These were just a few ideas for you to ponder as you decide what to get as a gift for your date. Although very charming, a lady that you meet will not be expecting to get a gift, and making your time together enjoyable and fun (sanook in Thai) is the most important part of any date.