Why Thai Women Are Especially Attracted to Western Men (Who Are OLDER Than They Are)!

Western Men And Young Thai WomenWestern Men And Younger Thai Women

I am always bombarded with questions from concerned Western men about why beautiful and younger Thai women would be interested in them and if their intentions are virtuous. Of course there are many scams out there with women who are looking to tease a vulnerable man into providing finances for them, however there are also many decent women looking for happiness and security within a relationship just like you.

What Kind Of Thai Women Visit ThaiLadyDateFinder.Com?

Well firstly I can tell you that the women that I meet in my agency and that men meet through my partner online site thailadydatefinder.com, are not after the money and would be insulted to be proposed with that question. The bad stereotype has come from the fact that Thailand allows, and indeed the Western world has taken to sexualizing Thai women into all prostitutes and sex workers. However this is most certainly not the case. Thailand as a country is no longer third world, and is getting richer and richer by the year. A forced social infrastructure, health system planned for 2020 and a stringer Baht currency makes Thailand a country not to pity.

Thai Women – My Clients, Your Dates

Most of the women that are my clients, like me have successful careers, are independent and educated. The average Thai woman is discreet about sex and very conservative. Women that I work with are look for a loving and caring man who they can feel proud to introduce to their families. They long for an educated and intelligent Farang (foreign man) who will show her the world and they can explore life together. Someone that is honest and transparent and who she can rely on. I aim to match these ladies with men who are looking for the same things in return, and want to create a real, loving partnership together. Thai women look at relationships with Western men as having more freedom of expression and a more equal relationship.

In terms of age, in the Western world a gap of no more than 10 years is looked at as odd, however in Asia this does not apply at all. An older husband is encouraged and considered a far better choice than the wandering eyes of a younger man. Many Thai women see the younger Thai men as deceitful and adulterers and one issue that has been overlooked by Westerners is the fact that traditionally Thai marriage is more for convenience in a business type venture which is arranged by the two families. Love is not a reason for such marriages and this is accepted in Thailand. Divorce is very fast and easy in Thailand and many of the modern women are not standing for the unhappy marriages that they were forced into and look towards Western men for the values that will give them a good life. The opportunity for Thai women to have a sensitive, faithful and affectionate older man from the West with traditional Western values about marriage where love comes first, is a very special opportunity for them.

Thai Women Your Wife?

How Can You Make One Of These Beautiful And Trustworthy Thai Women Your Wife?

I was thrilled to attend the wedding last week of one of my good friends, Sinee, who married her boyfriend of 1 year last week. He is 15 years older than her and they are blissfully happy. I asked her why she decided to search for a Western husband online. After a bad marriage to a Thai man in her twenties, the beautiful and successful Sinee explained that ‘Farang (Western) men are less likely than the Thai men to care about past relationships or virginity, and they have more of a sense of responsibility.’

A factor that attracts a lot of Thai women to Western men is in fact their looks. As surprising as this may sound, Thai women find the Western appearance very exotic and it is a type of person that she has only seen in the movies. Blue eyes or light skin for example are magical to a Thai woman, as it is so rare in her own country. She wants to be able to express herself and try new things without being judged in the unrelenting Thai society. The Western man is seen as different and exciting and the fact that you have probably been and seen things and places that a Thai girl could only dream of is very alluring.

For as many reasons why Western men are attracted to and interested in Thai women, there are just as many reasons why Thai women are in search of Western men. Obviously I have spoken in mass generalizations as every individual is different in their reasons and personal situations, so get online to thailadydatefinder.com to find your soul-mate who is waiting for her Western love!