Fashion Tips: Look So Good Your Crush Will Love You Instantly Part 2/4

Fashion Tips: Not A Date

In Need Of Fashion Tips? Tip #1: If You Look Like This, Your Chances Of Finding A Date Will Suffer. Take Care of Yourself And Your Date Will Appreciate It.

Follow These Head To Toe Fashion Tips To Look Good For Your Lady

Will your lady love what you’re wearing and appreciate following my fashion tips? Welcome to part two of my fashion tips for guys. In part one we talked about what head items you could wear to impress your crush. In this edition we’ll talk about your shirts. How will a shirt impress a lady?

The shirt you wear is likely to be the first clothing item people notice about you. Wear the right shirt and your girl will pleasantly take notice. Wear the wrong one and people will cringe. Let’s talk about the shirts you shouldn’t wear first.

The First of My Fashion Tips About Shirts: NEVER Wear This Shirt Out In Public!

No one wants to see your undershirt. In fact, you should think twice before wearing any shirt in public which allows your underarms to be seen. Wearing an undershirt in public shows very bad taste and, in Thailand, shows a lack of cultural understanding. On top of that, it simply isn’t good fashion.

Thailand is a hot, hot country and that may be what motivates some Westerners to wear the least amount of fabric possible. However, there are hundreds of possible alternatives to a undershirt that will keep you just as cool, so please leave your undershirt UNDER your clothes. Better yet, while you’re in Thailand, leave it in your dresser.

You Won’t Believe It But Sport Jerseys Are Another No No!

The other no no is the sport jersey. Most fashion tips would say there is only one suitable situation for wearing a sports jersey; when you’re playing a sport! Being married to a sports fan myself I’ll allow more leeway on this one. I’d say it’s OK when you’re going to get together with your friends to watch a game live or on the telly.

It’s fun in that situation to display the team you feel passionate about. Do it and paint your belly while you’re at it! But when you’re out in public; the mall, the airport, the bar, anywhere you might come in contact with great ladies, it’s a no-no.

Wear This Shirt Instead

What shirt should you be wearing while you visit Thailand? The quick answer is a short sleeve casual shirt with a collar. This applies if you are wearing shorts. It’s a little different if you’re wearing jeans. In that case your shirt can have long or short sleeves. By the way, tucking in your shirt is currently NOT in fashion for casual dress so be sure to choose a shirt that fits well un-tucked. We’ll leave formal dress for another blog.

Do You Need A Collar?

It’s not a hard and fast rule to have the collar but it’s a good place to start. There are all sorts of choices in the stores of short sleeve casual shirts with collars. That’s the safe bet.

Fashion Tips - Thai Date Look

Fashion Tips: Dressing In An Uncanny Fashion Will Earn You These Looks From Your Thai Date.

If you delve into the collarless shirts you have to be more selective. No armpits should be showing. It must have sleeves. And it must not resemble an undershirt in any way. It should have a “cool” trendy look to it. Any hip salesperson can set you on the right track. Your Thai girl may not say anything but trust me, she’ll be impressed.

Fashion Tips: Which is better? Plain Color, Stripes, or Plaid?

The type of pattern you wear will depend upon how you intend to coordinate your outfit. You can wear any pattern you want with a pair of blue jeans. On the other hand, if your pants or shorts have a pattern it’s better to wear a solid color shirt. The opposite also applies, if your shirt has a pattern than match it with solid bottoms.

The next step is to match sure your colors compliment each other. For instance, red goes well with brown and tan. It would be impossible to give you all the possible color possibilities here so I suggest looking on the web for a color coordinator or using the salesperson at the store for suggestions when you make your purchase.

There’s More To Come!

Now we’ve covered the head and the torso in this fashion guide. The next installment will deal with the legs. It’s not just a matter of throwing on some jeans and running out, is it? Find out in the third edition of my fashion guide, The Legs. Come back soon to read it. Your girl will thank you for following my fashion tips.

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