Fashion Tips: Look So Good Your Crush Will Love You Instantly Part 3/4

Fashion Tips Thai Legs

Fashion Tips: You Should Take Of Your Legs. As Your Date Takes Care Of Hers!

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Should you worry about fashion tips and dressing well for your crush? Of course you should. The way you dress sends your lady a message. The message is you care about yourself and how you present to other people. Any lady will cherish a well-dressed man she can gladly present to her friends and relatives.

Hello again, this is Nathamon and we’ve been talking about male fashion to impress your Thai lady in this series of blogs. In part one we talked about how to dress the head and in part two we talked about dressing the torso. Now, with part three, we’ll focus on dressing the legs.

Fashion Tips: Should You Wear Your Striped Shirt With Plaid Shorts?

Before we proceed, a little review is in order. We need to be clear on fashion tips: Stripes and plaids don’t mix. Ever. This is a hard and fast rule. If you think this is an obvious point you should enjoy a stroll through the tourist sections of Phuket or Pattaya. There you will see with your own eyes the unfortunate truth; the stripes and plaids memo hasn’t gotten around.

So let me reiterate. If your pants are striped you should not wear a plaid shirt and if your shirt is striped you should not wear plaid pants. That seems easy enough, right? But alas, the fashion tips extend further than that: If you have stripes on top it’s usually not advisable to wear stripes on the bottom unless you’re playing first base for the Yankees. The same rule applies to plaid.

What Is The Best Approach?

The best approach to take is to always wear a solid color either on top or bottom. Then you can match that with a pattern and you’re good to go. Most people will wear solid slacks or shorts and a patterned top. Sometimes you will see jeans with obvious stripes to them and that’s the time to go with a solid top.

Of course…if you follow fashion tips, it’s OK to wear solids on the top and bottom simultaneously but I recommend having at least a slight pattern on your shirt in that case to break things up a bit. It’s also good to wear complimentary colors or at least different hues of the same color. Try to avoid ever having the same exact color on top and bottom.

Do You Love To Tuck Your Shirt Into Your Shorts?

Next, your shirt comes down to your waist or slightly further. DO NOT tuck it in. As I stated in the previous blog, tucking in is for formal events and so we’ll save that discussion for another article.

Can You Wear Blue Jeans?

To the pants and shorts. As you look around Thailand you’ll notice the pant of choice is blue jeans. And as I’m sure you’re aware, they come in many styles and colors. Choose a color you like and match it with one of your groovy shirts.

One thing you’ll notice is Thai people wear jeans at casual times and even at formal events where Westerners would not consider wearing them. Well, In Rome, as the saying goes, do as the Romans do. Wear your jeans often if you are comfortable with that. Be careful, you don’t want to be crazily over-dressed for an event, however, it never hurts to be slightly better dressed than your competition.

Fashion Tips For Dating: How Should You Dress When You Meet Your Lady For The First Time?

Would your Thai lady love to see you getting off the plane in a spiffy collar shirt and a great looking pair of jeans? You bet she would. It is possible to dress well and be comfortable on an airplane so don’t sacrifice good fashion taste for the sake of comfort like you see so many air travelers do. Your crush will smile from ear to ear when she sees you because she’ll know you’ve got it together.

Thailand Is So Hot. Do You Have To Wear Jeans All The Time?

Weather is also a factor in how you dress. Of course, the Thais are acclimated to the weather of their own country and if it dips to 22 degrees Celsius they all shiver in the streets. For Westerners the average temp of 32 plus degrees Celsius is a scorcher and you’ve got to make allowances for that.

I also give fashion tips to my husband. Does my Australian husband wear jeans during the day in Thailand? Actually, no. He only wears them if he knows he’ll be inside all day or he’s meeting someone where a smarter casual look is required. Most of the time he’ll wear shorts during the day and fluctuate between shorts or jeans in the evenings. If he’s going out to a nice restaurant or a bar with friends he’ll throw on the jeans.

Since I Am Giving Advice On Fashion Tips I Am Frequently Being Asked: Is There A Certain Style Of Shorts That Is Appropriate?

So that begs a question: Which kind of shorts are appropriate? The current fashion are cargo shorts. Those are the ones with an extra set of pockets below the regular pockets.

Nowadays you can buy them in the cargo style but without all the extra pockets if you like. They generally hang just below the kneecap. Those are the best choice. They come in many variations and colors so you can coordinate them with your tops.

Is The Anything You Shouldn’t Wear?

What should you NOT wear? No sports shorts, no ripped shorts, no shorts with chains attached to something in your pocket. Many people wear these types of shorts but let’s be clear, in terms of good fashion they are no nos.

Fashion Tips: Thai Date Dressing

Fashion Tips: With The Right Way To Dress You Can Conquer The Heart Of Your Date.

Sports shorts are for playing sports, Ripped shorts are untidy although there is a growing fashion trend to wear fashionably ripped or cut shorts which are OK if you use good judgment. Some short styles styles are super baggy and gangsta looking, obviously you want to steer clear of those unless you’re hoping to send out that bad boy vibe, but even then, don’t wear a chain.

Belt Or No Belt?

The shorts you do want will come with a belt or at least have belt loops. You should put a belt through them but not just any belt. You want a nice looking fabric belt when you wear shorts.

Also try to remember that even though these shorts have extra pockets try to avoid the urge to use the lower pockets. The pockets are really there for looks. It ruins the look if you have something bulging out these bottom pockets. It’s not good fashion but if you want to put something in there which doesn’t affect the flat lay of the pocket I’m willing to look the other way.

Are You Ready To Start Dressing Well?

There you have it. You’ve learned how to dress your legs, torso and head to look good and fashionable for your Thai lady. We’ve only got one more body part to dress; your feet. Come back soon to read fashion blog number four and learn how to complete your wardrobe. See you soon for my next fashion tips.

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