Fashion Tips: Look So Good Your Crush Will Love You Instantly Part 1/4

Thai Date Fashion Fashion Tips

You Want To Be Well Dressed For Your Date? I Will Tell You How In My Fashion Tips!

Follow These Head To Toe Fashion Tips To Look Good For Your Lady

Chances are your lady will never mention how well you’re dressed until you’re well into your relationship. Your girl will try to avoid contentious discussions at all costs. It’s the Thai way. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t thinking about the way you clothe yourself.

Is it possible to spruce up your wardrobe so a good lady will notice you? Follow this head to toe guide of simple fashion tips to make a great first, and lasting, impression when you hit the ground in The Land of Smiles.

No Fashion Sense? I’m Here To Help With My Fashion Tips!

Today’s topic are fashion tips. I’ve written a guide below which is designed for men who haven’t developed a sense of true fashion or haven’t paid attention to fashion in their lives. It’s not meant to be an indictment of how you dress now, rather, it’s an offer to make an improvement in your life.

My fashion tips are based on well-accepted fashion principles so you know I didn’t just make it up. Part of your journey into dating at this stage in life is making some improvements over the “old” you. I hope my guide will provide the opportunity to make the change to a “new” you.

My fashion tips will cover four parts of your body: The head, the torso, the legs, and the feet. Let’s work from the top down. Today’s subject is the head.

What Should You Wear On Your Head?

Wear nothing on your head if it’s possible. Going without a hat is the best choice. A combed head of hair or a handsome bald head are always preferable to a hat.

On the other hand, Thailand is a hot and sunny country. The need to protect your eyes and face from the harsh rays of the sun might just require the use of a hat, especially if you’re bald. Here are two tips to follow if you choose to wear a hat.

Date Thai Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips: You Can Impress Your Thai Date By Dressing Up Nicely.

Two Fashion Tips To Hat Wearers

The first tip is to ditch the baseball style cap. There are no circumstances in the world of male fashion which allow for such an unsightly item upon your noggin. There are many other styles of hat to choose from and almost all of them are better choices.

Why Not Wear A Baseball Cap?

The baseball cap doesn’t dress up or improve an outfit. It makes the wearer look lazy and unkempt. People assume the wearer doesn’t want to shower or take care of their tussled morning hair. People will think you’ve thrown a cap on to hide the messy locks. That isn’t really you, is it? Then try not to give other people the impression that it is.

The other reason people wear a baseball style cap is because they can’t think of any other hat to wear. Baseball caps are widely available and fairly inexpensive. That, and the fact you see so many people wearing them, can lead you to think it’s the thing to do. It’s not.

Help Your Thai Lady!

Additionally, your Thai lady will want to impress her friends with her new handsome and mature boyfriend. Help her out. Replace that baseball style cap with a straw hat of some sort with a good brim. It’ll look very chic and be eminently useful in a tropical country like Thailand.

Is It OK To Wear Your Hat Indoors?

This second tip is more straightforward. No matter what you wear on your head, it should come off once you step indoors. It has always been, and it still is, poor manners to wear a hat indoors. If you worry about your messy hair you can go retro and carry a comb. And, by the way, when you take off your hat, remove those sunglasses too.

There’s Much More To This Fashion Guide

Well, that’s the start to my fashion guide. I hope you’ve found it useful and insightful. Of course, there’s so much more to say, especially in my next fashion blog which deals with shirts.

Do you wonder when it’s appropriate to wear stripes or solids? My next fashion blog makes the decision easy for you. Be sure to come on back and learn more in my next issue of fashion tips!

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