Fashion Tips: Look So Good Your Crush Will Love You Instantly Part 4/4

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Follow My Fashion Tips: Don’t Forget What You Are Wearing On Your Feet When Trying To Impress Your Date.

Follow this Fashion Tips to Look Good For Your Chosen One

Welcome to my blog on male fashion tips to impress your crush. In case you’ve missed them, this is actually part four of the male fashion blog. This one deals with what to wear on your feet to impress your lady. Dressing your head, torso and legs have been addressed in previous blogs so be sure to go back and have a read.

It’s not rocket science to figure out the best footwear to impress a lady. There’s just a few simple rules to follow. Nonetheless, you’ll see these rules broken all the time. Why? Because most men are unaware of the fashion rules. The fact you are reading this blog is a very good sign. It says you care. Making a good attempt to dress yourself well will certainly leave a good impression on your crush.

Fashion Tips: Your Feet Are Cold. Is It OK to Wear Socks?

Let’s start with socks. No socks with sandals, not ever. Now you’ve been told and going forward in life you can no longer claim ignorance on this one. Unless you’re willing to ignore my fashion tips. Try this little experiment, next time you’re out take notice of the funny looks people get who violate this rule.

You don’t want to be the one getting those funny looks anymore, right? Your Thai girl may not say a thing if you break this basic rule but she will certainly look at you quizzically. Take charge of your fashion life. If your feet are cold, wear shoes. But NEVER wear socks with sandals.

To Follow Or Not Follow My Fashion Tips? Do You Love To Wear Colored Dress Socks With Your Shorts?

The next important rule is: White socks are the only acceptable socks to wear with shorts. If you’re wearing shorts, white socks are your only option and you should push them down as close around your ankles as possible.

Pulling your socks up high used to be the trend but that’s why it’s called a trend, it eventually changes and you should change with the times as well. Push your socks down.

Which Shoes Should You Wear With Your Shorts?

So you’ve pushed your white socks down to your ankles while you’re wearing shorts. But what kind of shoes are you wearing? First of all let me say it is imminently better to wear sandals with shorts whenever possible. Of course, that means as previously stated, you won’t have socks on at all. However, if you must wear shoes with shorts, sneakers are the only acceptable footwear. Any fashionable or formal footwear should be saved for jeans or pants.

The Shoes Make The Man! – It’s In The Fashion Tips Handbook.

The old cliché, “The shoes make the man” is still eminently true. If you make a poor choice of footwear to go with a nice looking outfit you will ruin the great look you’re trying to achieve.

Fashion Tips Thai Date Happy

Fashion Tips: If You Take Care Of Yourself Your Thai Date Will Thank You Ten Times Over!

My friend Marc likes to tell this story from the high school law classes he taught including common fashion tips into his lecture. Each semester his class would feature mock trials. The students earned marks for their courtroom prowess AND for looking the part of an attorney.

Wear The Right Footwear For The Occasion!

Marc says it’s remarkable how many times the students showed up with a nice looking suit and tie but, regrettably, matched them with a pair of SNEAKERS on their feet! The entire effect was lost at that moment. A suit requires dress shoes of course. The right footwear is critical to complete any outfit.

What Footwear Should You Wear In Thailand?

Let’s review this to be clear: First, with shorts you may wear sandals or sneakers. In Thailand, the sandal is your best choice. Secondly. with jeans you have more choice. Sandals and runners are nice possibilities with jeans but the best choice is a nice pair of casual shoes with either black socks or no socks at all depending on your comfort zone. Dress shoes go with formal outfits.

That should cover my fashion tips for the day. If you’ve read all four four parts of my fashion tips you now know how to dress your head, torso, legs, and feet. You’re ready to hit the world as a new man.

Will The Girls Notice?

Girls are very fashion conscious. They expend a lot of effort to improve their already natural beauty. They will take note if you’ve made an effort to look good as well. After the initial impression you make with your good fashion sense it’s up to you to woo them with your natural charm and wit. Good luck and think of my fashion tips.

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